9 museums you must visit at least once in your lifetime

Architecture is the backbone of the museum without which one cannot reach to the viewer. It is as important as the art itself. It is the architecture which makes the visitors to disconnect from the world and connect with the art. A well thought out museum architecture can not only pull crowd to the site but also change the image of the city in which it is located. Given here are some of the ‘must see’ museums of the world which we hope you will find interesting.

Bihar Museum

Bihar Museum
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The Bihar Museum, Bihar designed by Maki and Associates + Opolis
Year of completion: 2018
The museum was conceived as a “campus” - an interconnected landscape of buildings and exterior spaces that maintains a modest but dynamic profile, in harmony with existing site conditions. Each zone has been given a distinct presence and recognizable form within the complex and are linked together via interior and exterior courtyards and corridors. The museum’s exterior is characterized by extensive use of weathering steel, a durable material, which symbolizes India’s historical achievements in metallurgy as well as its current prominence within the international steel industry. It is supplemented with stone, terracotta, and glass finishes - a modern material palette with clear connections to Bihar’s past and future.