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Stepping back in time, Maharashtra

Green building is the call of mother Earth. It is an approach that emphasize the place of buildings within both local ecosystems and in global environment. It increases ...
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Tagore Theatre, Chandigarh; Ar. Namita Singh

The Tagore Theatre is a cultural landmark. Constructed 50 years ago by Ar. Aditya Prakash, the theatre has served the city for a long, eventful time. Owing to ...
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Ecological Interiors: Mud and its many hues; Ar. Siddharth Menon

‘Mud walls once built using un-stabilized mud (without adding any chemical stabilizers like cement) need to be plastered with a mixture of sieved mud, wheat husk or tudi, ...
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Aaron B Schwarz, FAIA, Principal and Executive Director, Perkins Eastman

“Materials and detailing of the materials needs to be influenced by climatic context. Those copying aesthetic trends without recognizing these differences can start their projects at a disadvantage”. ...
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Anthony Raj, Centre for Indigeneous Architecture, Chennai

‘There are millions of families with no roof over their heads, particularly in the slums.  For lack of employments in semiurban and rural areas, people are flocking to ...
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Stepping back in time, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh

Does Vernacular architecture vary from one climatic zone to another?  The answer is a simple Yes. Though Vernacular forms of architecture are diverse in their layout, form, building ...
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Compressed Stabilized Earth Block and Rammed Earth for Construction; Hilary D Smith

‘In Auroville, examples of the Earth Institute’s work range from the Visitors’ Center, with its elegant use of arcades and domes, to small dismountable houses, or to multistory ...
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Ar. Siddharth Menon

‘Earth buildings have existed in India like the rest of the world since ages. Even today one just has to step a few kilometers outside a city to ...
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Contextual design – Need of the hour

Poetry and architecture are similar; in that both need ideating. Both put forth the essence of an IDEA.  While the former needs to find the balance between thoughts ...
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Stepping back in time; Bangalore, Vernacular Architecture

The ‘vernacular’, in India, is carried out, especially in Southern India without the help of architects and professionals. Building activity is regulated by a long tradition that stretches ...
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