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Soil is beautiful; Rafa’t A’lavi, Director, VM Gallery Karachi

‘Perceiving art is not like reading a newspaper that everyone understands. People now have time to read a newspaper word by word; but they rarely have time to ...
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Bold Strokes, Manipulation of Forms and Colours

Artists had shattered the looking glass; everything became possible, everything was considered anew, the imaginary knew no bounds. From the body’s rebound iridescence followed on the iridescence of ...
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‘Less’ is more; Shagufta Anurag, Space Matrix Design Consultants Pte Ltd

‘Green materials are now being used widely which are unique in nature and allow more latitude in terms of design’, says Shagufta Anurag, Founder & Managing Director, Space ...
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The evolution of Automated Waste and Linen Transportation

‘In evaluating the current traditional logistics for removing waste/linen, facility team leaders are finding a number of problems related to exposure of public during transport of waste/linen through ...
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An Integrated Green Design Process

Good design becomes affordable design; elements that have major impact on energy use and carbon emission can be assessed at an early stage and through the design process, ...
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Conserve Energy, Go Green

‘We do not inherit the earth from our parents; we borrow it from our children’ Each one of us uses energy in some form or the other all ...
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Impact of Paint in Interior Spaces

Partnerships between science and industries such as paints and VR are exciting and show that together we can do more to discover knowledge that can help us make ...
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Balancing Green, with financial results

Reducing energy costs can have a significant impact on the bottom line of a business and make commercial buildings more attractive to current and prospective tenants’, says Rajesh ...
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Holistic and Integrated approach to green transition in corporate interiors

“When a corporate takes up an initiative in the positive direction it is observed and followed by the world. More people can get awareness about the importance of ...
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Crafting Green Spaces

Great projects are reflective of today’s increasingly diverse design directives or shall we term them as ‘trendy designs’; but one has to wonder if such a thing as ...
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