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The Screen Box, Dubai; Home by Design

The Screen Box in Dubai designed by Lakshmi Chand Singh of Home by Design is minimal in design. Minimally yet purposefully detailed, the steel frame does not distinguish ...
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Bridging a Flood Cycle; Devashree, Shalin, Purvi, Prashik

Instructor: Sankalpa, Arian A resilient community for Valenzuela, in Manila, Philippines, a region that is vulnerable to floods, storms and earthquakes, this proposal aims to put together self-help ...
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Conundrum of heritage and development – Will the two coexist to sustain?; Prathyaksha Krishna Prasad

‘Indian historical architecture and heritage has largely remained outside the government’s purview of legal protection and management. The attitude towards heritage, both tangible and intangible and the lack ...
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Forgotten waters: Reviving the Light and Life of Dhanushkodi, T.N.; Aditi Dora

Memories play a vital role in shaping a lot of what we do. Past remembrances often pop up in some form or the other in one’s work and ...
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Malini Doshi
, Founding Partner, Saransh

Kumbh camps are set up for each of the Kumbh Melas, every 3 years, to accommodate the mass influx of pilgrims for the event. Since 2004, a recurring ...
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Prabhu Premi Sangh Camp, Prayagraj Mahakumbh-2019; Studio Saransh

‘Being a winter Kumbh, the work has to be executed in freezing temperatures with some spells of rain raising the level of difficulty; adding to the challenge, the ...
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Ar. Shalini and Ar. Amit Gehlot; A.S.A. Design Consultants

Although modern interiors would continue to rule the root, a water palette consisting of glass, wood and pastel shade hard and soft finished would be in demand’, says ...
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Jeffrey-Brice Ornstein, JBrice Design International

‘I listen, study and do not waive from my commitment to giving my clients a unique, distinctive, revenue-generating and high performing asset.  I also believe that if you ...
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Rustomjee Azziano, Urbania-Thane, Majiwada; reNNovate Interiors

The brief received from the client was to do something that is not ordinary yet classy; it should look luxurious but has to be within the budget. Hence, reNNovate interiors ...
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Lessons to be learnt from Chinese dominance in ceramics industry

China is the largest producer and exporter of ceramic tiles and this feat has been achieved in less than two decades. Though Chinese exports of ceramic tiles is ...
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