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Minimalism leads to happy life

When Le Corbusier decided to dedicate his career to creating better living conditions, particularly for those who lived in crowded cities, design world got a new concept to ...
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Golden Dew, design Vibhor Sogani

Vibhor Sogani, Industrial Designer,  National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad A delicate play of light, this piece channels the essence of morning sunrays filtering through dewdrops. Marked by subtlety ...
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Endless Nile Table, Karim Rashid

When looking at the Endless Nile Table, one might wonder whether it is an actual piece of furniture or rather a work of art. It doesn’t reveal its ...
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Roderick, design Workagile

The epitome of simple yet beautiful design. Roderick is a modular shelving system mixing blackened mild steel, gold plating and solid grade laminate. The juxtaposition of raw mild ...
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Profile, design Fluxwerx

Profile is a linear LED pendant luminaire with hollow aperture design. The luminaire uses vertically oriented optics without horizontal lenses or diffusers, resulting in a complete absence of ...
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‘Contemporary living inspired by art’, Aum architects

‘Mahindra lifespaces wanted us to create a vision for their prospective clients; to present them a dream and show how it could turn to reality.  As one would ...
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‘A tribute to materiality’, Tiago do Vale Architects

“I’m not sure Kiyonori Kikutake would be featured in a Minimalism manual nowadays, but I think he’s a very pertinent example of someone who understood the difficult balance ...
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Tojo-parallel Bed; Reddot award 2017; design Nora Große, Alisha Hauk

  Tojo-parallel is a versatile, plainly designed bed system that adapts to the needs and wants of the user. It is built in such a way that there ...
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What lured Le Corbusier to minimalism?

Le Corbusier was a Swiss-French architect, designer, painter, urban planner, writer, and one of the pioneers of what is now called modern architecture. He was born in Switzerland ...
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‘Shades of all white – White Haven’, Milind Pai Architects

“This residential project White Haven, Mumbai  is a unique blend of a modern urban pulse interwoven with some human warmth”. The design USP is a clear combination of ...
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