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2019, Lighting styles in Office, Retail and Residence

Gone are the days when lighting was a purely functional decision. With ceilings gaining more and more importance in the design world—painted colours that pop and wallpaper galore-ceiling lights are becoming that much more important. With the vast selection of designs available today, lighting has become a key part of the overall design scheme-whether it’s office, retail or residential space. 


Without a doubt, workplace design is anything but one-solution-fits-all. Every organization has a unique set of goals and challenges to address, but current research and emerging practices suggest that a little attention to office lighting design can go a long way in making your workspaces work better, feel comfortable and invite collaboration.

New life in Old buildings

“Old Meets New” spaces often balance the ageless features of the old buildings with modern furniture and decor. Cutting-edge technological expressions and rough, worn, sturdy aesthetic combined with innovative yet unconventional spaces, creates a design that moves effortlessly into the future while maintaining its inherent connection to the past. This injects new life into old buildings with venerable craftsmanship traditions, bringing once dilapidated mud, brick and steel structures and warehouses in serious disrepair back to life. (Bombay House, Fort, Mumbai-Somaya and Kalappa Consultants)

Green walls, Abstract & Geometric Patterning

Evocative, abstract patterns and geometric forms are making their way into the hallways, meeting rooms, and lobbies of offices everywhere. Warm colours mixed with pastel or bold patternings; a fair amount of black and white contrasted with shades of soft grays are seen as trends forecast for 2019

New Experience-Driven Spaces movement

Experience-Driven Spaces are highlighted by employee-focused and specialized enhancements aimed at developing overall wellness, cultivating happiness, community-building, and boosting morale for everyone from interns to top-floor executives.  Meditation areas, Yoga centres, Espresso,Game rooms and virtual reality gaming spaces, Corporate sports tournaments and active spaces (indoors and outdoors)pave their way are few of the fastest growing trends to mention.

Overcome Over-lighting

Over-lighting can mean unnecessary eye strain for occupants and higher energy costs for companies. Instead, a layered lighting design offers advantages. A study by the California Lighting Technology Centre and the California Energy Commission PIER Program found that utilizing low energy-consumption, LED-based localized task lighting as the primary layer of light in offices resulted in a 50 per cent savings in lighting energy usage and overwhelming user satisfaction

Simplify Your Ceilings

An integrated lighting and ceiling system can distinguish a new building or bring sophistication to outdated office space. This approach adds visual interest to a room by creating channels of light that run the length of the ceiling—the result is an uncluttered, uninterrupted look that can be unlike anything clients or customers have seen before.


Everything from office buildings to hotels to malls has added living green walls, plants, trees, or flowers to their interior and exterior landscapes. The trend favoring interior greenery, has evolved from a trendy fashion statement to a near-necessity in design economics. As a result, every structure, every building works to clear LEED Certification, Wellness Certification and more.

Free-Range Cohabitation Spaces

Covering everything from open plan office design, meeting areas, portable green wall dividers, plants and greenery, lightweight ergonomic furniture, comfortable couches and chairs – 2019 trends forecast modern offices will become more comfortable place to work in and will be designed as per the needs of employees. Rather than just getting the most out of space, there will more emphasis on creating an environment that reflects the respect employers have for staff.

Innovative Structures

Office designs will become even bolder, in all aspects of the design. With the staircases, roof beams, walls, floors, wall dividers, lights, all featuring fun and quirky design ideas.


Light is used in shopping centres and shops to arouse emotions and create brand identities. When used intelligently, it has the potential to boost sales. Some trends that are set to shape the design of lighting solutions for presentation and retail this 2019.


A fast-growing trend: sustainability in environmental, economic and social terms is becoming ever more important. A number of reputed brands continue to switch from conventional to LED technology as it not only saves cost, but also exemplifies them as a responsible brand by saving energy and reducing carbon footprint.


Being ‘genuine and honest’ is crucial in many aspects of contemporary life, and this applies to the presentation of goods and brands. Creating accents using sophisticated optical systems featuring high luminous efficiency, directing the customer’s attention towards the peripheral areas and lighting the back walls with branding messages with different beam angles is important. Reducing lighting distance between the luminaries and the product, and modelling the product with variable accents from different directions enhances its authentic appeal.


Individuals value an environment which is consistent with their cultural values and conveys emotions. Emphasising freshness of the product through high colour rendition, the right level of illuminance and using the right light colours are decisive criteria. Setting the right colour temperature matching the product makes the surface look more natural. The interplay of variable colour temperatures across the store creates different atmospheres within the store and enhances the emotional and biological feeling for customers. Gentle illumination is also an important factor to consider in lighting.


Linear ceiling fixture

Linear ceiling fixtures that span the width of the room are feeling fresh as opposed to the traditional vertical drop.. Look for clean lined, simple fixtures with exposed bulbs to really emphasize this trend.Instantly they bring a warm and exotic feel to the house.

LED lighting

Everyday use fixtures like ceiling fans and flush mounts are now being designed to incorporate LED lighting, creating more light sources and functional options (i.e. dimmable) for users.

Green lighting

Green is the still the hot trend in interior design and new home construction. This is particularly true when it comes to eco-friendly lighting fixtures. When choosing your fixtures, you’ll want to consider using dimmer switches, which help keep energy usage down, as do automated lighting control and the use of CFLs and LEDS. Look for lighting to go more high tech as this lighting trend continues.


Gold will remain one of the trendiest finishing this year. We will see lots of furnishings such as ottomans, stools, tables, decorative cushions and, of course, lighting.

DIY (Do–it-Yourself)

More and more people are following the DIY way when decorating their homes and the trend will definitely catch up in 2019 as well. Creating something with your own hands can be a fun family project and an opportunity to show off your creativity and crafts skills. It’s a simple yet powerful concept!


A return to real brass, in classic fixtures and chandeliers.

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