A new look for your kitchen this 2019

A new look for your kitchen this 2019

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Are you planning a new look kitchen for yourself this New Year? Well, even if the thought did not cross your mind yet, probably by the end of this article, you might think of a kitchen facelift! Renovating your culinary space with a modern touch sure can entice you to cook and boast. After all, it is a personal as well as a family space; so why not make it bright and a happy place to be.

Materials – Infinite combination

Materials – Marble, Solid Surface Countertops in Quartz, Good old Granite… the combinations are infinite. Creative countertops are an ideal way of injecting some intrigue into the mix.

But the interesting trend in 2019 clearly indicates that good old granite is slowly making its exit and solid surface countertops in quartz is becoming popular. Trends are leaning toward the use of materials such as  quartz, granite and marble which have a unique and natural pattern. Granite is expensive, also unpredictable in terms of its texture and difficult to control, what’s more it chips easily and thus becomes unusable and a waste of money too. In comparison, quartz provides variety in colour choice, durable, no chipping and its sustainable and grain quality is hard to beat. It is also easy to clean and maintain with its beneficial properties which enables it to resists the toughest spills, and retain its lustre for many years and often does not require polishing or waxing.

Floors and Walls

Gone are the days when simple was plain. New kitchens are looking cleaner in design with ample plain surfaces and cabinets well-hidden to give a spacious feel. One thing that is indisputable is wood is in; and floors that look like wood. Stone and wood-look floors in different materials are on the rise. Hardwood floors bring a rustic sense of warmth to the space. Darks, lights and high variations top this year’s colour trend. Also, one can expect to see lots of handscraped and distressed floors. That’s the cool thing about Hard-wood flooring this 2019.

Cabinets and Handles

Less is more when it comes to cabinets in 2019. Sure, our climatic conditions do not allow us to open up our cabinets and shelves with dust and mites being a constant threat. Closed cabinets however are less conducive to today’s homeowners, preferring more open space. The solution and the trend thus are glass-front cabinets! Painted cabinets or shelf walls with clear or coloured glass are all great options depending on your style. They look beautiful, can be decorative and provide a clear vision of what’s in your kitchen. Stack up that delicate china crockery without a clutter. However, when it comes to food storage, like the west, where pantries are common, cabinets with wood-stain finish with depth and richness is the way to go.

Some are opting to have their cabinet handles as cut-out holes in the kitchen cabinet door in various shapes and sizes. Most are going for either round-shaped holes or simply long indents that run along the base of the cabinet door. Indents that run along the base of the door give the illusion of there not being any handle whatsoever.

Another trend is kitchen design that fosters social interaction. Island, U-shaped and L-shaped benches are the perfect way to create an inviting connection between kitchen and dining/living spaces.

Colours – a Vintage, Upper-class ambiance to the Room

Colour and textures have a way of changing the aesthetic look of your kitchen completely. Talking of colours, as style evolves and kitchens change their look, most people are opting for a metallic accent colour. It is all about high contrast and in addition, the Golden or copper tones are a kitchen trend that makes its way into our kitchen, year after year. These metallic accents are being used most often for small fixtures, such as taps, faucets, or cabinet handles and complement lighter coloured countertops or darker toned cabinets quite nicely. Both gold and copper give off a classy vibe to our kitchen. These finishes also create a vintage, upper-class ambiance to the room – without having to necessarily break the bank!

When it comes to colour and tone for kitchens in 2019, Pantone’s 2019 ‘Living coral’ is the choice of this year. Living Coral emits the desired, familiar, and energizing aspects of colour found in nature. Lying at the center of our naturally vivid and chromatic ecosystem, PANTONE Living Coral is evocative of how coral reefs provide shelter to a diverse kaleidoscope of colour.

Lighting – a form of expression and individuality

There can be no better way to make your kitchen area livelier than lighting up the place adequately. Surely natural light is the first choice but most times ideal situations, let’s say are ideal. So, what is the next best option? The importance of lighting has been talked upon from long and adequate lights are definitely a priority. Sleek LED lights for every purpose- cabinets, drawers, under counters, wardrobes, tall units and even Chimneys are making a wave and setting a trend. Additionally, LED lights not only brighten up your precious kitchen and lighten up every nook and corner, their energy saving property just helps you save money as well.

Also, we foresee the re-introduction of suspended lighting that has become an embraced quirk for those looking to add a unique touch to their kitchen design. The suspended wiring, which may remind us of a swinging incandescent bulb with a pull chain, allows our unique pendant bulb enclosures to become centerpieces of the room – adding a form of expression and individuality.

Technology – Touch of a button

Yes, you read it right. Of-course, technology has crept in the kitchen long time back with microwaves, refrigerators, auto burners already a given but with constant development they are now hi-tech gadgets. Today, kitchen appliances come in a range of sizes and layouts, allowing designers and you to tailor the kitchen layout to your family’s lifestyle From Remote controlled fridge, chimney with built-in Radio and TV, Induction cook top, a dish washer in drawer designs, Fridges with auto information about empty food, IPod and IPad connectivity, electronic recipe book, you name it and you have it. You may ask will all these gadgets make life easy or more complicated, but once you get a feel of the convenience they provide and the freedom you can enjoy while cooking, you will surely want to be your kitchen companion. One problem that can arise is, an excuse of ‘I can’t cook’ or it ‘too hot in there’ will not hold true anymore; what with electronic cookbooks popping up in front of your eyes at a touch of a button.

2019 kitchen trends favour clean lines, minimalism and an air of openness. The right joinery is crucial to make the most out of kitchen space while reducing clutter, and getting creative to find the perfect storage solutions. While stone, metal and wood will still be materials of choice, the overall look will be closer to Mother Nature, with a more relaxed feel and rounded designs in earth tones!