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Here are some simple and natural ways to dehumidify your home in rains

Arrival of Monsoon is greeted joyfully by one and all as it gives much needed relief from the sweltering heat. But rains also bring with them their own set of problems, apart from usual floods. Due to moisture in the air, humidity within home increases during Monsoon and high humidity causes mold and mites to grow and thrive. Further, too much moisture can cause damage to window sills, furniture, etc. During rainy season humidity level touches 70% as against normal 30-50% in other seasons. It is, therefore, necessary to take some preventive measures to protect oneself from humidity. There are some natural and inexpensive ways to dehumidify your home which are listed below:

  • Ensure that your house is well ventilated by opening up your windows and allowing fresh air to breeze through or even turning on ceiling fans. Turn on the exhaust fan in your kitchen and bathroom for some part of the day, especially while cooking or showering.
  • Set your AC to a “dry” setting to remove moisture but not cool. Clean your AC filters regularly as the clogged filters will slow down air flow.
  • As far as possible avoid drying your cloths inside the house. Drying indoors will not only add to humidity levels but also will give bad smell.
  • Naphthalene balls also act as dehumidifier. Place some naphthalene balls in your cupboards where you keep your cloths and see the difference!
  • During rainy season neem leaves too come in handy. Neem leaves are very effective against silver fish which are common in rainy season. Placing some neem leaves in cupboards where books are kept can prevent the silver fish and save the books.
  • Take bowl of baking soda, cover the bowl with non-woven cotton cloth and keep it in you almirah, kitchen cabinet, bathroom shelf or kitchen sinks. Baking soda is very effective dehumidifier.
  • Charcoal is also a good dehumidifier. Take handful of charcoal in gunny bag, place the bag in big bucket or container and keep bucket (with charcoal filled gunny bag inside) at different places in your home. Replace the charcoal briquettes every few months with new briquettes.

Take an old plastic bucket, drill some holes in the bottom of the bucket and place this bucket inside another bigger bucket. Pour about two kg of rock salt to holed bucket and keep them in the area that you want to reduce moisture in. Keep checking the bucket once in three days as the rock salt pulls moisture from the air which gets collected in the bottom bucket. And whenever you find some water in the bottom, throw it out.

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