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Energy Swaraj: My Experiments with SOLAR Truth

Authored by: Prof. Chetan Singh Solanki

Edited by: Bienu Verma Vaghela

Author, strongly influenced by Gandhian ideals & principles, is in awe with Gandhiji’s writings & teachings, particularly his autobiography – The Story of my Experiments with truth.

Prof. Solanki, a Solar technologist & reformist has devoted around 20 years of his life on SOLAR experiments, especially during the latter part of his career. He is in line with the Gandhian philosophy of Gram Swaraj, leading to what he terms “Energy Swaraj.” Therefore, the book has been titled Energy Swaraj – My experiments with SOLAR truth. The book does complete justice to this title.

The book is an autobiographical journey of the author who passionately feels that our actions have impacted the world so much that, in business as usual scenario of energy generation and consumption, there is some finite possibility of human extinction from the planet, as early as by the end of this century.

He says the use of fossil fuel-based energy is inflicting catastrophic climate change. The climate is changing faster than anyone of us would have anticipated. But most of the population in the world, unfortunately, does not even understand the severity of the issue and continue to live with it.

The book will wake you, shake you, alarm you, startle you, interest you, captivate you, inspire you, motivate you, determine you to take that first step towards mitigating climate change by opting cleaner, greener, renewable source of energy – Solar Energy. Energy Swaraj is the localisation of energy generation & consumption where an ecosystem has to be created to fulfil the daily needs of the energy locally, by the locals, for the locals!

It is based on his actual experiments, experiences, failures & successes with Solar, presented with a common man’s perspective.

The book is available on Amazon, Flipkart and Notion Press and leading book stores.

Quotes on Energy Swaraj: My Experiments with SOLAR truth

“One may be getting dangerously close to the tipping point as a result of continued use of energy threatening our very survival. Sustaining meaningful existence and leading a productive life that contributes value, under the circumstances, has become a challenge for the majority of the world population that still suffers deprivation. The book by the eminent author and modern-day Solar reformist, Dr Chetan Singh Solanki, “Energy Swaraj – My Experiments with SOLAR truth” makes a compelling case for localised energy generation & consumption by communities and individuals for sustainability is based on his real-life experiments with Solar and the surrounding truth.” 

 “In the times of Mahatma Gandhi, the Charkha became a symbol of change and in the times of climate change threat, this Solar Lamp (SoUL) will become a symbol of change.”

Dr. Anil Kakodkar, Scientist & Former Chairman, Atomic Energy Commission

“In its propagation of Solar energy, this book promotes self-reliance.  Like Gandhiji’s Gram Swaraj this book encourages the usage of scientific techniques of conservation to enable communities to become self-reliant.  But the book goes on to plead for behavioural changes for the successful mitigation of climate change by encouraging people to adopt cleaner, greener energy, such as Solar energy.”

“I believe like Gandhiji’s Gram Swaraj, Energy Swaraj would have world-wide appeal and application.  Adopting Solar energy will shed people’s dependence on Governments and big businesses and will result in people becoming independent.  Adopting Solar energy and becoming conscious of issues such as climate change, rising pollution and other related issues, the world will be able to successfully reverse the rapid environmental degradation.”

Ela Gandhi; Author, Peace Activist and Granddaughter of Mahatma Gandhi; Member of Parliament, South Africa (1994-2004)

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