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‘Nexus Interiors’, World Interiors Day 2020

It is high time to think of energy-efficient interior designing (with social distancing) and be serious about conserving not only space but water and energy too. We are no longer dealing with the modernist gridded city with an identifiable centre, but rather with an amorphous territory defined not by form but by space. In today’s environment, it is crucial to create a space that’s well-designed, comfortable, and engaging. Liberation brings unusual colour schemes and materials combination that create modern interior design trends. Natural ventilation, right choice of floors, eco-colours, energy efficient bathrooms, compact fluorescent light bulbs and LEDs, furniture, and not the least Energy Audit are few to mention. A real energy-conscious interior design is the designing of the space specifying suitable materials with the aim of reducing energy consumption in a building while improving comfort, health or aesthetics. With the cost of oil, gas and electricity, it makes sense to wonder about alternative energy sources for any building.

This World Interior’s Day, we will take a sneak peek at what some of the experts are saying – both, current and future.

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