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129 Smart air quality monitors installed across 9 smart cities

129 Smart air quality monitors have been installed across 9 smart cities in India to monitor the air quality. These monitors have been installed by Oizom, an India-based environment monitoring technology solutions provider.

Oizom’s Polludrone can monitor all the critical ambient environmental parameters related to air quality, noise, odour, weather, and radiation. It measures the concentrations of ambient pollutants in an urban environment like PM2.5, PM10, CO, NO, NO2, SO2, & O3. Oizom initiated its installation in Kakinada Smart City in 2017, and eventually expanded to 8 other cities over 5 years such as Varanasi, Gandhinagar, Surat, Itanagar, Davangere, Imphal, and Agra. Oizom saved 50% of the project cost for Kakinada smart city by deploying its Ambient Air quality monitoring system.

According to Mr. Smarpit Garg, the India Sales Head at Oizom, ”Polludrone comes with capabilities of displaying the data on an LED. This feature helps create awareness of air quality among the citizens on a real-time basis.”

What makes Polludrone special is its in-house patented technology of ‘e-breathing’, where the device breathes in the air as a human nose, but detects and categorizes the different particles, gaseous substances, and even the temperature and humidity of the place. Its real-time data monitoring capability is extremely helpful for the local authorities to probe into the environmental concerns and make a decisive action plan.

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