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AFC acquires Wipro Enterprises’ furniture brands

AFC Furniture Solutions, India’s largest Workplace furniture manufacturing solution company, has acquired brands Xbench, Vibrant, and Livo designed and owned by the furniture business of Wipro Enterprises.

Commenting on the acquisition, Manoj Tomar, Founder and MD, AFC Furniture Solutions said, “We have come a long way from where we started, and it’s just the beginning of the marathon; there is a long path to be covered for us to emerge as pioneers in providing the best value and solutions. Immensely thankful for this wonderful journey, we are set for the surprises and challenges the path ahead has in store for us.”

AFC enjoys an enormous scale to manufacture upwards of 15,000 workstations and 8,000 seating solutions in a month on average. An in-house R&D team that comes up with new designs and products to transform businesses with the help of 400+ employees.

A diverse product portfolio that consists of workstations, storage, tables, and seating solutions AFC’s role doesn’t end with providing the best furniture solutions. During the pandemic period, AFC emerged as an organisation working for the frontliners across industries and sectors.

During the pandemic, the challenge was to come up with agile work-from-home (WFH) solutions with a core focus on ergonomics while ensuring the cost of the end product does not skyrocket. Along with other logistic challenges, the organization overcame this when they managed to successfully deliver an order from an IT giant to provide over 30,000 WFH combos, consisting of workstations and chairs, in record time with negligible spillage.

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