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Blue Star launches room ACs with in-built air purifiers

Amidst rising level of air pollution in the national capital, Delhi, air conditioning maker Blue Star has launched room air conditioner (AC) with in-built air purifier. The SensAir Technology used in this air purifier continuously senses the indoor air quality and speeds up the air purification process automatically when required.

Blue Star’s new 5 Star inverter AC with in-built air purifier not only delivers powerful cooling during summers, but also simultaneously purifiers the indoor air. It has the capability to function as a standalone air purifier during winters, and that too without switching on the machine’s compressor, thereby ensuring low electricity consumption. Powered by the unique Contact Microbiocidal Anti PM 2.5 Technology, this AC is proven to remove harmful pollutant particulate matters such as PM 2.5 with a reduction efficacy of 99.39%. With a unique Double Stage Fortified Filtration mechanism, it can efficiently tackle micro-organisms such as bacteria and fungi floating in the indoor air environment, with an efficacy of 99.999%.

Speaking to the Press at a conference held at Delhi, B Thiagarajan, Managing Director, Blue Star Limited, said, “Considering that Summers in India are severe, and that air pollution is also a matter of serious concern in most metros, this single product which serves the dual purpose of cooling and purifying at the same time is definitely expected to gain significant traction, especially in the residential and light commercial segments, in the coming months. Although in-built, the air purifier can also function as a standalone unit during winters without switching on the machine’s compressor, thereby ensuring low electricity consumption as well.”

The maintenance cost of the air purifier is also negligible as the key filter operates on the unique Contact Microbiocidal Filtration Technology making it easy to wash and does not require regular replacement, unlike the multi filters in typical air purifiers which have to be regularly replaced. This makes this AC ideal for the residential and light commercial segments.

The 5 Star inverter AC is also designed with Dual Inverter Technology to enable faster cooling during peak summers, has a BLDC Motor for quieter performance, and comes with some unique user-friendly features such as climate control, dual user preference settings, precision cooling, and powerful mode, amongst others. The AC can operate at 52 degree Celsius ambient, delivering extremely comfortable cooling performance.

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