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CenturyPly launches the largest boutique veneer store in Delhi

CenturyPly aims to eye the veneer market of North India by launching the largest boutique veneer store in Delhi

CenturyPly, the largest seller of plywood and decorative laminates and veneers in India, launched CenturyArena, an exclusive veneer boutique in Delhi, with largest collection of Natural Veneers. This store entails the capacity of the single largest veneer display in NCR region. This experience centre, which aims to provide a holistic vista of the decorative product portfolio of the brand, is a one-stop solution designed for all kinds of veneer requirements of the contemporary consumers.

Veneer has been established as an important element in the decorative industry and it has diverse trends and patterns that varies from one region to other. With novelties in decoratives emerging day by day, consumer preference has become more flamboyant, they take utmost care to decide on design, colour texture etc of decorative materials like veneers for their interior space. They prefer to properly experience, compare combinations, product quality and servicing of brands before investing.

Pacing us with the vogue, this 2000-sq.ft exclusive natural veneer store caters to showcase an immersive experience featuring full sheets of the exotic veneers.  With a wide collection and display of veneers, consumers will have better options to choose from. Prior to this, the company launched an exclusive laminate and reconstructed veneer experience centre in Mumbai and with this boutique veneer store in the city, CenturyPly is venturing into innovative solutions to keep up with the industry demands. This will facilitate the brand to maintain sustainable consumer base in Delhi.

The store has been set up in the prime location of Kirti Nagar in Delhi which happens to be the furniture hub of North India keeping in mind the regional veneer market trend in the city and this exclusive boutique store is the stepping-stone towards the larger goal to transform the consumer buying market in the country.

The company further envisions expanding its footprint in Kolkata by opening its third exclusive CenturyArena store. The company also has plans to expand in other locations with similar or smaller formats called Century Arena Express, which will give opportunity to the consumers to experience the Century range of products.

Mr. Shankho Chowdhury, President, Decoratives Division, CenturyPly

Commenting on the launch, Mr. Shankho Chowdhury, President, Decoratives Division, CenturyPly said, “CenturyPly has always been a consumer-oriented brand, and consumer convenience is of utter importance to us. Delhi happens to be an important hub for veneers in the entire NCR region as well as North India. Thus, our consumers will have an easier access to large category of veneers under one single roof. This unique centre aims to be the conjoint between the consumers and the company, where both experience and trade expectations meet.”

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