CenturyPly manufacturing units become Solar Powered

CenturyPly manufacturing units become Solar Powered

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We at CenturyPly, are very keen to reduce our carbon footprint and by the means of using solar energy, we should be able to do that to a large extent. It is not only a clean and green energy, but also economical in long run. We are currently producing 1 MW electricity through solar energy at Chennai plant and by this FY we will install more capacity and start producing upto 6 MW electricity. We are planning to harness solar energy in all our plants going forward.”

Keshav Bhajanka, CenturyPly


In a bid to resonate its commitment towards innovation and social responsibility, CenturyPly, the leading solar enthusiast in the private sector, announced the installation of solar panels at the company’s manufacturing unit in Chennai. The company promised to empower its other manufacturing units with solar power as well within this calendar year. This initiative at CenturyPly’s end will save around 15% of the total energy consumption at each plant and will help in reducing up to 5900 tonnes of carbon footprint per year.

India is increasingly looking at the solar option to cut its dependence on thermal power and diesel consumption. The country has a very ambitious target of installing 100 GW of solar power by 2022, out of which 40 GW is expected to come from rooftop solar projects.

With an aim to contribute towards the national target and readdress the issue of Global warming, CenturyPly is working towards its various modules for a more sustainable future. With a total expansive capacity of 6 MW solar rooftop, CenturyPly aims to fulfil 15%-20% of its net power requirement. In addition to this, the company, being a responsible corporate entity, pledges to contribute towards a better environment by utilising the solar rooftops at factories to offset energy costs. Also the Company has started drawing power from Group Captive Wind Mill for the Chennai unit, which is another step towards sustainable / green energy.

Moreover, the solar panelled captive manufacturing unit in Chennai is already at an operational stage. The unit, with a capacity of 1056 KV, aims to contribute towards saving around 1.5 million units of power per year. In the past quarter, around 245 tonnes (Approx.) of Carbon-di-oxide generation could be avoided due to the installation of these panels.

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