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Hitachi adds app enabled features to ACs

Hitachi Cooling & Heating India is offering Hitachi airCloud Home app for its Wi-Fi-enabled ACs loading them with numerous features that make air conditioning management easy and accessible at user’s fingertips. The Hitachi airCloud Home app is available on both android and apple smartphones.

Once the user confirms his country and assign a name to his AC for easy identification, the AC will be successfully paired with the app which enables the user to use the app to perform various AC operations. Some features of Hitachi airCloud Home App:

  • Security The Hitachi airCloudHome app is designed to keep user security in mind so that no unauthorised person can operate the ACs inside the residence.
  • Today many households own smart speakers that can be operated through voice commands. The two most popular smart speakers are Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. User can now connect his Hitachi AC to smart speakers through the Hitachi airCloud Home app. Once connected, user can use voice commands to control the AC operations using the smart speakers. For instance, user can ask his smart speaker to change the temperature of the AC while he is exercising, cooking, working, or just relaxing.
  • The app allows the user to program his Hitachi AC to automatically turn on, sensing his arrival or switching off when he leave home. The feature operates based on the location of the smartphone.

The app is developed keeping in mind the aspirations of modern consumers that are changing fast. The app enabled facility loads the AC with many smart and practical features.

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