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Kamdhenu Paints launches interior and exterior emulsions

Kamdhenu Paints, one of India’s leading full-scale decorative paint company recently launched its latest range of ‘Weather Classic Max’ exterior emulsion and ultra-luxury premium quality ‘Kamo Hi- Sheen’ interior emulsion. The company has launched both the products in pack sizes of 1 L, 4 L, 10 L and 20 L with a key focus on the urban and rural markets. These products will be available at 4000+ dealers of Kamdhenu Paints across the country.

‘Weather Classic Max’ is an anti-dust Exterior Emulsion with HD Quality. The new eco-friendly product from the house of Kamdhenu Paints provides excellent durable coating to the exterior walls and comes with 5 years warranty.

‘KAMO Hi-Sheen’ gives high sheen and elegant look to the interior walls and comes loaded with features like high scrub resistance, best washability, superior adhesion, stain resistance and sweet smell. It is formulated with ultra-premium ingredients using advanced technology to provide unmatched durability, coverage and adhesion.

Both ‘Weather Classic Max’ and ‘KAMO Hi-Sheen’ contain low VOC content to make building environmentally sustainable. Both the products also comes added with features like Anti-Dirt, Algae Resistant, and Anti-Fungal features to make structures durable.

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