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New Fenesta uPVC windows and doors introduced

Fenesta Building Systems (Fenesta), a division of USD 1.2 billion DCM Shriram Group, has launched a completely new and high-tech range of uPVC windows and doors to tackle extreme weather conditions.

The latest range includes the improvised versions of uPVC windows which provide complete insulation from rain, wind, noise, and temperature. It blocks cold waves, heavy rains and withstands high-velocity winds of up to 245 kmph without rattling the window panes, which makes them ideal for high rise buildings and heavy monsoon areas.

Being made up of uPVC, which is a non-conductor and does not transmit heat, these windows offer exceptional natural insulation to building from all-weather extremities.

The new range of windows keeps out unwanted noise and dust due to their high-quality seals and air-tight triples sealing system.

They are durable and have a longer shelf life as they do not corrode, rust or swell with time. Besides, they are also heat and weatherproof, termite-proof and age resistant. Fenesta windows once installed do not fade over the entire lifetime of the building.

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