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Now a child friendly paint for kids

Children are the most vulnerable segment inside home exposed to polluted air and environment. But this fact has never been given a serious thought and child wellness has never gained any prominence in our country.

According to a research, newborns have up to three times the respiratory rate of adults so safe air quality is extremely important for their developing lungs. Anti-formaldehyde technology for Clean Air enables air-purification by absorbing harmful formaldehyde present in the air as well as formaldehyde emitted by other household articles like wooden furniture, carpets bedding etc, leaving just fresh air that is child safe.

Further, babies and toddlers spend majority of their time indoors making them most prone to bacteria, viruses, mould and fungi. Anti-viral & Anti-bacterial for Safe touch, a variety of dangerous bacterial and viral infection is combated by the Silver-ion technology which assures 99 per cent of germ and infection free environment for child’s growth.

Also, it is a common knowledge that most of the children use the wall to learn how to draw and for other cognitive skills superior washability for Creativity, the proprietary anti-stain technology ensures an effortless cleaning experience that is effective even after 10,000 scrubs.

These findings are the result of Nippon Paint’s R&D team’s research based on which the company has come out with a child friendly paint called KIDZ Paint. It is developed for the Generation Z Kids with a firm resolve to indoor safety and child wellness, to meet the unique demands of one’s entire childhood. The new paint range will be commercially available in Tamil Nadu market from November 26.


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