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Now you can enjoy fan breeze while purifying air!

Unlike conventional ceiling fans this one comes equipped with a 3‐stage air purifier that filters PM 2.5 and PM 10 pollutant along with VOC filtration and delivers an approximate Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) of 130 cu. m/hr. The industry’s first Air Purifying ceiling fan ‐ Stealth Puro Air introduced by Havells India is priced at Rs 15,000.

The fan also embeds a HEPA filter, activated carbon and pre‐filter that absorbs toxic elements and infuses fresh air with essential nutrients. Apart from this, the ceiling fan also has technologically advanced features such as remote‐control operation, under light and LED air purity indicator, etc. With acute efficiency and a powerful air‐purification system, the range offers an approximate CADR of 130 cu. m/hr. The fan also offers aerodynamic blades for silent operation and high air delivery. The fan is also useful to remove bad odour and purify air with its carbon filters. It comes with air vent that allows to change the air direction as required. With a battery backup of about 3 hours, it can be charged through USB cable or a mobile charger, connected via a laptop and has a touch pad for its operations. Premium satin matt finish and leather handle makes it the perfect portable appliance in the hot summer days.

Besides Stealth Puro Air and Fanmate, Havells has also introduced its 16 new products under the Fan Portfolio which includes the Trendy HS and NS Pedestan Fan, Anti‐Stan Exhaust Fan, Premium Ceiling Fan, Milor Ceiling Fan, Antilia Neo Fan Ceiling Fan, Astura Ceiling Fan, Trinity IoT Ceiling Fan, Stealth Air BLDC Ceiling Fan, Enticer BLDC Ceiling Fan, Florence Under Light Ceiling Fan, XPJET 400 ceiling fan, Girik Wall fan and Efficiencia Prime, Pro and Neo Ceiling Fan Range.

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