Ready-mix plaster plant launched in Goa

Ready-mix plaster plant launched in Goa

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First-of-its-kind ready-mix plaster manufacturing unit was launched in the Cacoda industrial estate in Goa last week. The new factory will have the monthly capacity to produce up to 300 tonnes of ready-mix plasters, jointing mortar, tiles adhesive and masonry mortar. All these products are ready to use, eco-friendly, extremely durable and eliminates the traditional method of plastering walls.

Though this kind of facilities are common in some of the developed countries, in India the concept has not yet picked up.

A 40 kg bag of ready-mix plaster eliminates the laborious task of procuring and mixing of sand and cement. One need to just add ten litres of water into the bag containing the ready mix, sand and cement and you get a balanced mixture to plaster the walls with waterproofing and anti-shrinkage German polymers.

Ready-mix plaster manufacturing unit has been launched by Goa based AR-Mines Industries. Established by Goa based businessman Arman Jitendra Bankley in 2009, AR-Mines Industries is a multi-product company. AR-Mines Industries has its own processing plant, adequate warehousing facilities, modern computerized infrastructure, very sound financial base and a well-established office with experienced and professional executives providing support. AR-Mine’s Industries has its own Analytical Laboratory having qualified, experienced chemists to analyze both raw materials and finished products.