This AC is too smart & too personal

This AC is too smart & too personal

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This air conditioner is too smart in the sense that it cools only the space that matters the most in bedroom, that is, the beds! Normally, in a bedroom of 150 square foot, beds occupy 25-30% space but the conventional AC cools the entire room. In other words, you waste 70% of the energy in cooling the space that matters the least to you when you go to sleep. But this AC developed by Tupik cools only the area covered by beds in the room, thus saving your energy cost. Its an AC more of the result of creativeness rather than innovation. But the end result is you save on your utility bills.

Ahmedabad based Tupik is the result of two young entrepreneurs joining hands “to bring Economic comfort to Life.”

In a normal AC up to 80% of cooling energy wasted to cool roof, floor, walls, furniture, clothes and electronics of room and Tupik brings in economy by avoiding these wastage. It consumes 400watts only. “Feel cool in Summer, warm in winter. It protects you from mosquitoes in all season,” says Tupik.

Tupik is designed for indoor use and it can perform well in any indoor climate up to 40°C. To avoid overheating, open room is recommended and one should ensure that no direct sunlight falls on the unit. Tupik exhausts gentle stream of warm air to open room area where it dissipates. Always advisable to keep windows/doors open for better dissipation.

Another benefit of this AC is the easy installation which you can Do It Yourself. According to Tupik, it hardly takes 10 minutes to install this AC. In case of need there are dealers to help you to install. Remember, Tupik AC is less than 8″ in Height, 11″in Length and 18″ in Depth. It is very compact, easy to move.

Presently, Tupik AC is available at its e-commerce portal and at some dealers.

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