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What makes this University building in Sengal unique?

Alioune Diop University in Bambey, Senegal, was given the highest honours at the Aga Khan Award for Architecture ceremony in Kazan, Russia. Its teaching and research department is one of the 5 Laureates of 2019, selected for setting new standards of excellence in architecture.  Do you know why?  The building was created by the environment – by taking the temperature of certain local realities and this can have a great impact on Senegal and Africa and can be replicated.

The expansion of this University is part of a plan to expand and improve the university environment. Four new buildings have been designed to house the Training and Research Unit, with an architectural program including classrooms, a 500-seat amphitheater, laboratories, computer rooms, and offices.

photographs: Francesco Pinton

The design of the buildings was conditioned by the hot and humid climate of the region, and the intensive use and high occupancy of the classrooms. The façade is proposed with a double ventilated envelope on the façade and roof, and the circulation routes are protected to the maximum from the solar radiation. Low maintenance spaces and minimal energy consumption have been designed, completed by a phytosanitary water purification system using lagoons and rainwater infiltration ponds. The water from the building is recovered in the filtered basins, which makes it possible to water the plants, while even the water from the air conditioning is recovered in these basins, which is a major innovation.

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