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Why this castle is so dreadful?

This castle, popularly known as Château de Trécesson, is located in the Brittany region of France. Though the exact year of its construction is not known it’s believed that the structure belongs to 15th century. It is a private property and has been listed since 2012 as a monument historique by the French Ministry of Culture. Its neither the architecture nor its location that attracts the visitors. Do you know the reason behind the popularity of this castle?

Built in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries, this medieval castle overlooks a lake with reddish schist walls reflecting on the water. At first owned by the Trécesson family, the fortress was passed down from family to family according to rules of succession.

The structure is built in reddish schists and the castle is surrounded by waters of the lake.  The front gate is reached by a bridge which spans the moat. The entry is guarded by an imposing gatehouse flanked by two narrow towers on corbelling, joined together by an old gallery with machicolations. On the right, a long almost windowless frontage, covered with a steep slate roof, ends in a hexagonal corner tower. Around the trapezoidal inner courtyard, to the right is a corps de logis of more recent vintage, and on the left stand the domestic buildings, protected by a watchtower on the exterior facade, and a small 15th-century seigneurial chapel.

Though there are many stories behind this beautiful castle turning into a haunted house, the most famous legend is probably the story of the White Lady. At the time when the castle belonged to Monsieur de Trécesson, some poachers witnessed a most peculiar scene in the woods. A carriage pulled by two horses stops, two men come out and start digging a grave. Then, the two men go back to the carriage and violently grab a young lady dressed in a white silk dress and wearing a wreath of flowers. The young bride is thrown into the grave and buried alive. Since this dreadful night, the spirit of the young woman is said to haunt the roof of the castle when the full moon is out.

Despite this, this remains one of the most beautiful castles in France though the stories surrounding it make it equally dreadful!

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