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Why this is considered an architectural marvel of Saudi?

This is the mosque within the campus of University of Tabuk in Saudi Arabia. The university campus is spread over 12 million sqm of land with about 1,600 teaching staff and 36,000 students. With the university choosing to hold Friday prayers in the mosque last week (Friday, June 19), it opened its doors to worshipers, of course, amid the precautionary and preventive health measures, in line with the existing recommendations from the relevant authorities to ensure worshipers’ safety. The mosque is characterized by a set of architectural qualities that make it one of the finest architectural masterpieces at the level of mosques. Do you what are architectural qualities that make this mosque an architectural marvel of Saudi?

The architecture of the University of Tabuk mosque is a blend between the arts of Islamic civilization and the aesthetics of modern architecture. At the same time, its unique design is in conformity with the rules of structural engineering — in the form of a large dome without any columns, making it an architectural marvel.

The University of Tabuk mosque is one of the famous landmarks in the region, and at the level of the Kingdom’s universities. It was built as a landmark celebrating the Islamic and urban civilization of the city of Tabuk, which is also a prominent center for Islamic religious sciences.

When visiting the University of Tabuk, the mosque catches the spectators’ attention with its modern design, distinctive dome and paved courtyards, adjacent to the university tower, supporting deanships and the College of Medicine and Applied Medical Sciences.

It has two minarets each 50 meters tall. Its roof is in the shape of a dome with an area of 5,887 sq. meters embellished with mosaics.

The facades of the mosque are double glazed with a high degree of light transmittance. The walls and floors are covered with granite and marble, with aluminum claddings for the two minarets and decorative walls.

The entrances are covered with granite squares, and the floor of the mosque courtyard has marble tiles and glass walls. The mosque’s roof consists of aluminum suspended above the mosque nave, aluminum claddings, glass for the circular beam, the wall décor and minaret.

Even more significant that makes it unique is the fact that it’s one of the rare mosques that is characterized by a natural lighting system through its dome and glass walls, a central air-conditioning system, a BMS management and control system, an alarm system in the event of a fire, God forbid, and a sophisticated acoustics system.

It has a total area of the mosque is 8,000 sq. meters, and its capacity is 3,500 worshipers. The total area of the mosque’s outdoor squares and parking spaces is 30,300 sq. meters, and the parking lots have a capacity of 380 vehicles.

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