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Why this kindergarten is juries’ favourite?

This kindergarten popularly known as ‘The Farming Kindergarten’ is located in Dong Nai Province in Vietnam. Set up in 2013, the kindergarten is popular not only among the kids and their parents but also among juries of various architecture awards around the world. Do you know why?

The kindergarten is designed by Vo Trong Nghia Architects, a Vietnamese studio, that was founded in 2006. The practice, which has offices in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, works on cultural, commercial, and residential projects. Vo Trong Nghia Architects’ work pursues new methods in sustainable architecture whilst maintaining Asian architectural traditions.

The Kindergarten for 500 pre-school children, situated next to a big shoe-factory, is designed for the children of factory workers within low-budget. The project has won several awards including Archdaily “Building of the Year” awards, A’ Design Award and World Architecture Festival awards.

The pre-school for the children of Taiwanese shoes factory in Vietnam, is a prototype of the sustainable education space in tropical climate, and a model of social benefit facility for workers in developing countries. The green roof is a triple-ring-shape drawn with a single stroke; creating 3 courtyards as safe playground. Passive design methods are comprehensively applied in the building together with Farming on roof. It becomes an experimental learning space of sustainable lifestyle.

As a result, the kindergarten is operated without air conditioners in the classrooms despite being located in a harsh tropical climate. According to post-occupancy record issued 10 months after completion, the building saves 25% of energy and 40% of fresh water compared to baseline building performance, reducing its running cost greatly.

Further, architectural and mechanical energy-saving methods are comprehensively applied including but not limited to: green roof as insulation, green facade as shading and solar water heating. These devices are designed visibly and play an important role in the children’s sustainable education. Factory wastewater are recycled to irrigate greenery and flush toilets.

According to Nghia, Vietnam is originally an agriculture based economy which is fast getting converted into an industrialised one. Roads are choked with vehicles, air is filled with pollutants and erstwhile green spaces are occupied by buildings, both residential and factory. So, youngsters get little opportunity to see green around them.

‘The Farming Kindergarten’ is an attempt to recreate the relationship with nature.

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