Why this prefab house is unique?

Why this prefab house is unique?

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For an onlooker its an ordinary 75-sq.m single-bedroom house in Australia. Developed by Architect Bill McCorkell and builder David Martin, directors of Archiblox, the house has won several accolades in last few years. This prototype was displayed in Melbourne’s City Square for sometime and is part of The New Joneses and the Sustainable Living Festival. Do you know why this house is unique?

Built by Archiblox in 2015, the house is believed to be the world’s first carbon positive prefabricated house. The house was built using a range of passive design principles as well as sustainable materials and technologies. As a result, this house generates more power than it consumes. In other words, it has achieved less than zero carbon emissions which means a net positive for the environment. In the Life Cycle Assessment of the design, which takes into account the carbon emissions of the materials and building operation, Archiblox calculated a total carbon saving of 659kgCO2e per occupant, per year. The building is expected to emit 1,016 tCO2e less than the average house, of a similar size and function, over its life span, equivalent to over 6,000 native trees planted or almost 300 cars taken off the road.

According to Archiblox, all the materials, appliances and fittings used in the construction of the house are sustainably graded and free of formaldehyde and VOCs. The house uses solar power, which contributes back into the grid, and all water is recycled. Further, clever joinery contributes to efficient use of the limited space, internally.

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