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Why this tower’s vertical garden is considered unique?

One Central Park is a mixed-use dual high-rise building located in the Sydney suburb and is the largest multi-residential building (by net lettable area) in Australia to receive a 5 star Green Star – ‘Multi-Unit Residential Design v1’ certification. Vertical hanging gardens are the main feature of this project which houses 23 green walls, equating to a total area of 1, 200m2. Apart from its size and variety, the vertical garden has another unique feature. Do you know this unique feature?

Two iconic towers designed by Jean Nouvel for the second phase involved a vertical landscape designed in collaboration with the French botanist and artist Patrick Blanc that covered approximately 50% of the buildings’ facade.

Hydroponic walls, horizontal soil reserves and support cables integrated into the facades of the tower accommodate a wide variety of climbing and creeping plants. They act as a natural solar control device that changes with the seasons, shielding apartments from direct sunlight during the summer while allowing maximum sunlight in the winter.

In all, 85,000 facade plants make up the vertical gardens of One Central Park. Both exotic and Australian native plants have been included to make up the “living wall”, ranging from well-known species to those that are deemed rare. Cumulatively, there are over 250 species of Australian plants and flowers in the building.

But the question is how these plants survive and grow without soil? According to Blanc, however, the plants do not need soil to grow provided they have something to attach to. Light, carbon dioxide water and nutrients are dispersed mechanically to the plants in order to stimulate their growth and survival. By having the vertical garden hang off the wall without soil it is possible for the plants to grow without compromising the structural integrity of the building.

The residential tower is also marked by a monumental cantilever near its top. It has a common room and a panoramic terrace. A motorized heliostat attached to the console captures the sunlight and reflects it down onto the part of the park located in the tower’s shadow. The heliostat is illuminated at night by the French artist Yann Kersalé.

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