Together we can make this world beautiful

Together we can make this world beautiful

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Since office and commercial buildings are one of the largest emitters of CO2, all of us have a big responsibility on our shoulders to ensure that our actions and practices are environment friendly and sustainable and should always aim to contain CO2 emission to the minimum. There are many ways through which it can be achieved.

Within our office environment we should rely on a mix of new, reused and recycled products. By doing so, you can save so many trees, avoid carbon emissions in manufacture of steel, etc. Further, it will also make economic sense. There are many offices around the world, who use reused/recycled products in the office with the objective becoming environment friendly. Most of them are well-off companies who can afford costly office furniture and accessories.

While sourcing computer monitors, make sure to select those which are both energy efficient and are proven to reduce strain on eyes. Whenever and wherever possible buy refurbished laptops and upgrade your existing stock with extra RAM and SD drives to significantly extend their life expectancy.

If possible keep the air conditioners in the office on timers and ensure that outside lighting is activated by motion sensors.

Always remember, sustainability begins in our own backyard. And never weight for your neighbour to start this exercise. Be always passionate about sustainability and love your environment as much as you do your family.

Our objective of coming out with a special feature on “Corporate Interiors” was not only to apprise you of latest trends in the industry but also to popularise environment friendly practices. We hope we have succeeded in our attempt. We take this opportunity to thank all our readers for their suggestions and also contributors without whose help this special feature wouldn’t have been successful. We also thank our sponsors without whose support this exercise wouldn’t have been possible. In the coming days, expect more such features from