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6 Unconventional Design Professions for today’s women; Dillraj L Bhatia, DBEL Studio

Dillraj L Bhatia, DBEL Studio
photographs: DBEL Studio

‘With more number of women being educated, the determination to experiment and explore various unconventional professional fields has also gone up thereby shaping up more women professionals / entrepreneurs spread across the country. Women, who are redefining the meaning of leadership, are stepping into various eccentric professions, especially in the design space’, says Dillraj L Bhatia, DBEL Studio

In the past two decades, there has been a major shift in the role played by women around us. Earlier confined majorly to performing the household chores, the women today have proved their capability to take up prime roles in almost every sphere of life. Be it supporting the financial needs of the family to creating a mark across various professional fields, women have left no stone unturned to break the perceptions and secure a strong position for themselves in a male-dominated world.

Interestingly, on the professional front, the aspiring women have been able to penetrate in the sectors that were predominantly thought to be dominated by their male counterparts. With more number of women being educated, the determination to experiment and explore various unconventional professional fields has also gone up thereby shaping up more women professionals/entrepreneurs spread across the country.

Women, who are redefining the meaning of leadership, are stepping into various eccentric professions especially in the design space. 

Let us take a quick look at some of the alternative industries where women have succeeded to create a mark and achieve unmatched success, thereby giving a tough competition to the male professionals.

Lighting design 

Unlike architecture, the lighting design industry is perceived to be the one dominated by men. However, with the unmatched talent to illuminate a place with the power of light, women have already begun to walk up the ladder and explore the industry that holds huge potential for them. With the great sense of décor and architecture, the female professional have succeeded in adding emotions to place with the magic of lights and transform the overall aesthetic of the place.

Earlier being an industry of men, the lighting design has enticed an increasing number of women who are all geared up to deploy all their designing skills and give a fresh look and feel to any place.

Architectural photography 

Women who are often seen as models in front of the camera and usually not associated with someone behind the lenses capturing those gorgeous frames. Career field majorly practised by men has witnessed a sudden surge in women taking up the profession of being an architectural photographer.

With more number of females keen on exploring their creative bend, this profession has certainly seen various successful names emerge as popular photographers and the number is expected to grow further. With their higher creative instincts, women are better capturing the space highlighting the ambience and aesthetics to the fullest.

Construction Managers 

In India construction is second largest industry after agriculture and contributes massively to the GDP. The mammoth industry has been an employing ground for millions of people in the country. Analyzing the employment pattern, we can clearly say that until a few years back, the role of women working in the construction industry was confined only to performing labour jobs and duties and there was a high paucity of women performing managerial roles.

Recently, these trends seem to have changed as more number of women are entering the fields like construction management. Aptly performing the roles of the manager on the construction sites, women are successfully breaking all the boundaries and perceptions thereby unlocking various doors of success for themselves.

Industrial Designer

A relatively newer field, Industrial design focuses on smaller-scale objects of mass production, as opposed to large-scale buildings designed for a specific context. Women in the design field are embracing this career option as an alternative to designing enormous buildings. This is also because Industrial design has very close ties to architecture design.

Production Designer

Production designing on set requires skills more than mere creative flow. It requires a great depth of understanding of spatial design and expression. The creation of an experience that is vivid, expressive and story-driven. These require skills that are acquired during architectural and design studies. A large number of women are entering this space as production designers to become compelling storytellers.

Urban Planner

With increasing urbanisation, there is a population flux in the metropolitan areas of the country. This kind of dynamic state of urbanisation calls for a sustainable living plan encompassing economic and demographic changes. Women are opting for this alternate career despite it being a challenging one. The path requires adaptability and problem solving on a large scale and women as architects of the society are breaking ceilings while working as urban planners in India.

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