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A bright and breezy start to the day with the right washing area; Asutosh Shah, Duravit India

Asutosh Shah, Managing Director, Duravit, India

Washing Mood Cape Cod

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Washing Mood Cape Cod
photographs: Duravit India

Waking up, getting out of bed, freshening up – every day kicks off with our own special ritual. An individually designed washing area tailored to our personal needs is crucial to our well-being. But how to go about creating the right environment for a bright and breezy start to the day?  Ceramics, bathroom furniture, tap fittings, accessories and lighting should be ideally matched.

Our choice of washbasin represents a key design feature in the bathroom. Built-in washbasin, wash bowl, furniture washbasin or a convenient double washbasin – it’s all down to personal taste. The bathroom furniture serves to showcase the ceramics. Depending on the required storage space, consoles, vanity units, mirror cabinets or organisational systems are available to accommodate items of all sizes. Combining different materials and surfaces with ceramics opens up boundless scope for individual design.  When it comes to combining furniture and ceramics, Duravit has gone one step further with the c-bonded and f-bonded technologies, which respectively apply a unique process to join the furniture washbasin with the furniture from above and with the console panel from below. The choice of tap fitting embodies the Duravit design idiom in ideal fashion. With practical accessories such as towel holders, cosmetic mirrors or soap dispensers we lend the washing area an individual touch. Various types of lighting are available to show off our bathroom interior to best advantage. Mirrors can be combined with edging light, washing area lighting, dimming function or indirect illumination. In conjunction with other light sources, such as decorative lamps or candles, the mirrors then conjure up the right feel-good evening atmosphere in the bathroom. 

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