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Design a stylish bedroom, Winfried Weber, Sleeping Expert, hülsta

Winfried Weber, Sleeping Expert, hülsta

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Here at hülsta we are often asked how a perfect bedroom should look. The reply is always the same: There is no such thing as the perfect bedroom. Every single one of our customers has individual requirements in terms of room concept. We cater for this with plenty of ranges and many different combination possibilities, providing highly individual solutions.

Some prefer lots of open storage to display unusual accessories, others like cleverly planned wardrobes with closed fronts. Many love Boxspring beds, others like classic base frames, which are particularly practical in case of back problems. Upholstered beds can be covered in almost one hundred exclusive fabrics or finest leather, whilst beautiful ancillary units and an integrated lighting concept create a beautiful atmosphere.

The LUNIS collection, for instance, demonstrates that hülsta offers a solution for every requirement.

This range is exceptionally versatile and its wide choice of different wood types, lacquers, fabrics and leathers allows looks ranging from elegant to imaginative and dynamic.

The exceptional versatility is not only due to the large selection of bed and ancillary unit designs:  Playing with different colors, shapes, materials, elegant single units as well as small box drawers and consoles in different heights, widths and depths turns LUNIS into a range that leaves plenty of room for your imagination.

LUNIS offers an elegant Boxspring solution with two different headboards and footboards. The extensive hülsta cover collection leaves nothing to be desired.


Not only the design should match your taste. When purchasing sleeping furniture, it is important to ensure that you can enjoy the sleeping system for years to come.

A few tips regarding sleeping comfort and bed trends:

How do I find a bed that is suitable for me?

First of all, your build is an important factor: The bed should be at least 20 to 30 cm longer than the person sleeping in it, plus, the wider the bed, the better. Furthermore, the bed height must make it easy to get up and lie down. The choice of a sleeping system mainly depends upon the body weight and height, proportions and possible back problems.

What particular technical comfort can a bed offer? 

There are many possibilities to offer highest comfort: Electrically adjustable base frames, for instance, allow flexible adjustment to any lying or sitting position.  Frames featuring a gas spring lift also make cleaning or storage underneath the bed easier. The integration of clever bedside lighting, which is motion-controlled, is another very practical feature.

Do double beds also offer individual sleeping comfort?  

Certainly. An individual adjustment is very important, as just one mattress or one base frame do not allow undisturbed sleep. Both partners must decide on an individually correct sleeping system, before the two can be combined in one double bed. In the event of back problems, less thick cold foam or Latex mattresses are generally the perfect choice. If the partner prefers a thicker mattress, the base frames can be mounted at different heights thus creating an even lying surface.

Why are Boxspring beds currently trendy?  

They are incredibly comfortable and give you the feeling of sleeping on air. The comfortable lying feeling, the practical height that makes lying down and getting up very easy and the luxurious design are just some of the advantages that many appreciate.

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