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Find your right choice – Ergo Dynamics, Sudeep Kolte

‘A typical office employee spends at least a third of their day at the office – at least’, says Sudeep Kolte, VP – Sales & Marketing, Gyproc India on how office design and architecture can boost employee engagement and creativity

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Gone are the days when workplace design included a simple desk, computer and chair. In today’s dynamic, fun-filled business environment, it is crucial to create a space for employees that’s well-designed, aesthetically pleasing, comfortable, and engaging. Office space interiors should be highly specialised which enable the companies to foster innovation, collaboration, and agility. Surroundings that combine the components of functionality with well-being and emotional satisfaction can motivate people and increase employee productivity, fulfilment and engagement.

A typical office employee spends at least a third of their day at the office (atleast). Here are some ways to make the office space healthier and boost employee engagement and creativity.

Experiment with colours

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The colours and interior design used in offices not only affect staff productivity, but also affect how visitors distinguish and appraise your business. Therefore, it is essential to choose the appropriate colour scheme to sufficiently present the workspace to both internal and external audiences alike. Cool colours like white, blue, green, and purple work well in any office as they tend to create a relaxed feeling, which keeps the employees calm and focused. The power colours of navy blue, dark green and burgundy give a message of control, responsibility, and confidence to corporate clients. Warmer colours like yellow, orange, violet evoke an active, dynamic atmosphere enabling a team-building spirit amongst the employees; such colour schemes are mostly used by creative workspaces, start-ups and the like to boost employee creativity and maintain work-related satisfaction..

Further, specific combinations of multiple shades in a single office space could work wonders; for example, a think-room surrounded by yellow walls and complimented with black furniture.

Light it right

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A well-lit space motivates, appeals, enables communication, sets a mood, and has emotional qualities. Similarly, good lighting at the workplace creates pleasant working conditions and enhances productivity and efficiency within employees. Offices with larger windows ushering in natural light is also known to have an extensive positive effect on the wellbeing and efficiency of employees.  In recent years, a good blend of both, natural and artificial lighting has been known to create a healthy balance for employees.

For example, ceiling to floor windows along with a combination of white and yellow lights would work wonders for the productivity of the employees, boosts their creativity, and is a stress-buster.

Create artistic partitions

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Employees often find themselves in a position where they require private spaces to boost their thought process and perform better. Individual artistic spaces can be built easily with the help of gypsum-based drywall partitions. With a space to call your own, gypsum-based drywall partitions take no more than couple of weeks to set up and are extremely lightweight and durable making them easy to set up. Less labour intensive than regular masonry construction, drywall partitions allow one to declutter and kick-start an amazing thought process.

These partitions are easy to pair with any interior combinations and can be customized as per a variety of colour schemes.

Do not forget the 5th wall

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Do away with boring, flat ceilings of corporate interiors using designer ceilings.

Designer ceilings can be installed in as much as a week’s time, are easy to experiment in any shape or colour and provide a smooth, seamless finish in both, paint and wallpaper. Ideal for corporate offices, start-ups and creative think tanks alike, designer ceilings are easy to work with, even when it comes to different lighting systems further adding to the dynamic atmosphere of your office.

Go Green

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Several scientific studies have proven the benefits of having more greenery in a workplace.

Research has shown that low-maintenance indoor plants can have major positive benefits for employees and their organisations. The plants help reduce stress and make the space look appealing to new job applicants and clients.

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