How to play with Mirrors & Glass while designing House?, Rupali Naik

How to play with Mirrors & Glass while designing House?, Rupali Naik

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‘Don’t stop at an ordinary glass or mirror. Fill the space with something creative that will lift up the spirits and impress everyone who enters’, Rupali Naik, Partner and Chief Designer, A Design Studio

living room-min

living room-min
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The innovative use of glass (in our project Gorgeous 3 BHK at Powai, Mumbai) gives this residence a unique edge
photographs: A Design Studio

One in the bedroom, one in the bathroom? Have we ever wondered what’s stopping us from having one in every room – to watch us drink tea, read a book, stroke our cat, or just pose as we go about our day-to-day life?  We don’t need a mirror just because we’re gorgeous, but because mirrors often make up one of the most practical design elements we can add to a room. A mirror can make a room look bigger, brighter and more interesting. Although they’re an easy choice, they aren’t always a simple choice. Mirrors fool the mind into seeing more space because of the depth created in their reflection.

Mirrors contribute functionality and style to your home and come in a variety of sizes and forms. Start by measuring the wall space carefully and determine the size and shape that will work for you. After all, mirrors look bigger after they’re installed. Also, squares, ovals, round, swirls, arches, minimalist or sleek – mirrors can be found in almost every imaginable shape to meet every taste and design sensibility. A mirror with right angle work equally well with classic or contemporary room design. Rounded mirrors soften sharp angles of a dining table or desk delivering a more graceful flow of energy. Make your own style statement with a sculptural shape. 

To cite an example, in ‘Gorgeous 3 BHK at Powai, Mumbai’, we have visually “enlarged” the space by adding mirrors and glass for all rooms in different ways. These mirrors and glass serve a practical purpose which everyone needs to smile-check every time one looks into. Innovative use of glass have also given this residence a unique edge. The transparency and fluidity of the spaces, the intermingling and overlapping without distinct boundaries, sets this home apart. Creating a room with mirror make for a more comfortable home. The psychological impact of a spacious appearance helps you feel comfortable and more energetic. The living room designed in brown and beige are a timeless classic; adding to this a combination of a stone finished TV unit paneling.

For the dining area, we created a focal wall with brown back painted beveled mirrors, which gives a well-framed mirror like wall. Acting like a built-in mirror wall, and focused light, this acts like a focal point whilst widening or lengthening the space. Choose from a variety of bold and detailed frames to compliment the space – the bar unit below this mirror panel is designed with shutters of back painted glass matching to the overall space.

Adding more space isn’t always feasible. Mirror paneling done from one end to the another certainly makes the interior of the Den area look bigger, and wider which probably would have not been a possibility. The wood flooring breaks up the white to introduce some warmth and the cove lighting makes a statement of its fineness. The wall above the headboard is often an empty space. Providing a full height mirror is adding life to the room.  Some people choose to fill that gap with artwork.

For the master bedroom, we designed the headrest with Beveled mirror paneling above the tufted leatherette cushioning bed back in a proper ratio which on the other hand, is an extremely affordable solution for adding distinctive class to the home quickly and conveniently. This makes a phenomenal difference in the bedroom aesthetics with white lamination for finishing touch to the other surfaces. The paneled mirror on the wardrobe which flushes in line to the shutter a greater level of reflected light through the bed back mirror eliminates the feeling of a cluttered space. This makes the room feel much more spacious, changing the way one experience the indoors. A vanity mirror added to this looks amazing and makes prepping for a party a lot easier. Plus, the improved aesthetic that with the custom mirror makes the space look more valuable in the eyes of every guests.

The daughter’s bedroom is designed keeping in mind a little girls desire for a beautiful, girly pink, also soft and fineness as a little princess. It looks the same, right a bit like a pink color themed fairy tale place that is pleasant. Adding on to the design lights have played an important role. Recessed fixtures are casting general lighting, cove lightings reflects the mood and also to showcase artwork and an adjustable floor lamp makes the apartment a well-lit space.

There are lots of corners in this house that come into notice with glass and mirrors. Hence, both mirrors and glass serves to bring in the lost light back into an otherwise gloomy room. 

Summing up to this, our advices; Don’t stop at an ordinary mirror or glass. Fill the space with something creative that will lift up spirits and impress everyone who enters. After all, mirrors and glass add warmth, comfort, and classiness to a space.