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Lighting Trends 2018: Modern and Minimalistic, DBEL Studio

‘Clean lines and simple forms characterise modern interior style, which is what makes minimalism a very pure design philosophy’, says Dillraj L Bhatia, Founder, DBEL Studio

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The modern interior designing trend is synonymous to minimalism. Clean lines and simple forms characterise modern interior style, which is what makes minimalism a very pure design philosophy. In such a design, light requirement is abundant to highlight the focal point in a space. This not only applies to natural light but artificial light as well. Light tone finishes and simple ceilings reflect this light throughout the space, making each room feel larger.

There are a few elements that need to be kept in mind for lighting design. These light design elements are more than just choosing the right light products. Using every product in the right way is as important as the fixture itself.

Innovative use of LED Linear Profiles

Use of Linear LED Profiles

These LED Linear Profile lights are versatile and can be used indoors as well outdoors in an innovative design. The wide range of profiles available makes it suitable to be installed in any space or furniture, thereby opening a vast area of possibilities by giving designers more options and flexibility of design. For indoor lighting, the plaster-in profiles for recessing within walls and ceilings are perfect for an ambient glow in a living room or bedroom. On the other hand, these niche profile lights provide a discreet yet functional lighting effect when integrated into shelves and wardrobes. The variety of shape and size of the profile lights makes it perfect to be used for highlighting outdoor design elements, and an alternative to limited outdoor lighting fixtures.  

These lightweight profiles are excellent for heat dissipation and ensure a professional finish to any project. The linear LED lights also help in reducing the energy consumption by 60%-70%.

Bold and Contrasting Colour Palette

Chandeliers by DBEL
Chandeliers by DBEL

A minimalist interior consists mainly of white tints. Employing a certain kind of lighting system can define the ambience of the living space. However, while lighting the spaces, the colour palette for the light products is often bold and contrasting. Tones of Silver, Golden, Black and White are often used to create a contrasting effect. For instance, dining area may just require a chandelier suspended above the dining table, while a lounging area may require to modulated lights to create a relaxed ambience.

Meta Golden 22 Chandelier by DBEL Studio

Conversely, a two-phase lighting with the correct light layering might prove to be the ideal choice for bedroom that requires different lights at different moments – from the morning routine to the more relaxed evening hours.  Therefore, choosing bold light designs add character to the space.

Use of Not-so-Cliché lights

Starverse by DBEL

The modern interior designing is moving away from clichéd designs. The innovation of replacing the traditional designs has been forthcoming. More and more people are moving towards modern yet everlasting styles especially in lighting designs. One such observation has been the replacement of traditional chandeliers with versatile light installations that merges with its surroundings instead of standing out as a product and distracting users from the focal point.

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