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Space Management in Workspaces, Sandesh Dhanraj

‘A casual relaxed atmosphere is important to allow the employees to work freely and enhance their creativity.  Avoid sticking to conventional designs: workstations should be creative’, says Sandesh Dhanraj, Founder & CEO, Noah Interiors on Workspaces 2018

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Let’s face it: we all like to work in a cozy and welcoming workspace don’t we? Who would like to spend the better part of their day in a cluttered, uncomfortable workspace?. We all know how important an interior design can be at home, and how it influences our everyday life. But at the same time we shouldn’t forget the importance of interior design in the work place. There are multiple ranges of sophisticated as well as comfortable designs that can be used for decorating office interiors.

Unconventional Workspace

photographs: Noah Interiors

The first aspect that any company looks at while designing the office is space management. It is important that the creative layout leaves the employees feeling happy and makes them want to spend time at work. In the traditional office spaces, enclosed cubicles were common. However this hinders free-flowing communication, collaboration and interaction between colleagues. Employees working in the corridors, nooks or even under the stairs infuses the element of fun in the office. A casual relaxed atmosphere is important to allow the employees to work freely and enhance their creativity.  Avoid sticking to conventional designs: workstations should be creative.


Eco Friendly

photographs: Noah Interiors

Spending too much of time under artificial lights, in air conditioning and cramped settings is not good for the employee’s health.  A good working environment can stimulate one’s mind and make your employees feel good. Use sustainable technologies, natural fibres and materials in office, well-ventilated spaces, large windows to allow natural light, indoor plants and water bodies are just few of the ways to make your office eco-friendly and thereby employee friendly.

Comfortable & Relaxed Seating

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Working on sofas or cushioned benches give off a working-from-home feel to the employees making the atmosphere more relaxed.  Traditional chairs could be replaced with bean bags in modern office space designs. Even a cushioned staircase provides an alternative place to sit alone and work. This allows creativity to flow in a relaxed environment. This again helps in collaboration.

Go Colourful

photographs: Noah Interiors

Switching from greys, brows & beiges to bright colors is an inexpensive way to achieve unconventional design space. Colours can brighten the space and have a deep impact on productivity by easily boosting positive emotions in employees. Natural toned hues such as green and blue can improve efficiency and focus, while warm colours like yellow can trigger optimism, creativity and fresh energy. Vibrant colours like red add passion to the décor and can boost physical activity.

Allow the employees to customise their own workspaces with a few touches of home; this adds a casual and relaxed feel to the workplace and lets them feel at home. There is a lot of effort being put into office interior and commercial space design because it is essential to replicate the benefits of what an innovative office space can provide to employees. Currently workplace is all about presenting a more holistic experience to employees. The key aspect has been all about offering employees a space that is calm, relaxed that makes them happy and healthier and which in turn permits them to be more creative and productive.

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