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The cosmic element of Water; Dr. Ramesh, Archinova

‘Water is an important element for human existence since time immemorial. Water conservation has come into limelight due to Global warming and reducing rainfall’, says Dr. Ramesh, Founder, Archinova

The cosmic element of Water -The universal truth which encircles everything i.e. All living being in Nature.

We have started speaking in forums about “conserving water” in the recent past after facing crises of potable water globally and more so in India.  In Indian sub-continent 40 years ago, we never heard of bottled water for drinking; now it is the order for the day .

As a professional in the fraternity, I would share few insights of water:

Due to rapid urbanization and inorganic growth of cities, water has been a matter of concern to all in every walk of life.

The prediction about rainfall by the weatherman for the current year is of utmost importance to all of us i.e. urbanities. The amount of rainfall has been declining and there is always dearth of water for all sections of society. The main emphasis is to make a statistical analysis of the rainfall and usage pattern and thrust has to be to improve the reserves of the rainfall and regulate the usage for one and all.

In my opinion, “Conservation” is being implemented by quite a few responsible citizens of the country yet not yielding desired results. Government has made several efforts by intruding methods to conserve water; but still, the People at large, particularly in urban zone, do not take the ownership of conserving water and hence there would be shortage of water.

The topic on water conservation has been heard everywhere during crises answers are many and to discuss and implement, but till there is a people’s movement or awareness this issue is going to persist. “like we got independence after freedom struggle and the entire and all cross section of society had contributed and sacrificed in their little way, we could achieve it “.

Documentation of the existing city and Master Planning for future areas to be developed for the next two decades has to be planned for all metros and tier-2 cities in India with projection of population and requirement of urban transport system, drainage and water supply along with electricity has to be in place before we start looking at conservation of water. With this data analysis, the Technical body, we can plan for recycling of water for landscape and flushing of urinals in public places. The quality of recycled water has to be monitored with test lab and certification of random samples is mandatory for the health of the residents.

All this can happen only with the will of the people and the dedication to secure water for the future generation. It seems like my opinion is quite theoretical but the fact is “A good beginning and an action plan results can be achieved with constant endeavour and should be implemented for all sections of society.

As a responsible citizen of the country, water is an important element of existence of living beings on this planet, the thrust should be on conserving every drop of rain water by all cross section of the society.

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