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‘The house has been designed with a comprehensive automation strategy’, Alok Hada, Anusha Technovision Pvt Ltd

Automation for Parveen Jain Residence, Gurugram by Alok Hada, Anusha Technovision Pvt. Ltd.

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photographs: Anusha Technovision Pvt. Ltd.

ALOK HADA, Founder & Director, Anusha Technovision Pvt. Ltd

The design brief for the automation of this project – Residence for Parveen Jain, Gurugram commenced with the challenge that the client and the architect both did not want any Audio-Visual equipment (Tata sky, Media Player, Amplifier etc.), to be visible in the public domain of the house. This was to be made effective in the bedrooms as well, including the option of the TV being installed without any TV console Below. Apart from this, the client also wanted all devices (Lights, AC, TV, Shades, Camera, and Music) to be controlled by means of a single control device.

The single control requirement was resolved with the help of one wired Master touch screen to operate the entire house along with the help of Crestron and Lutron equipment. 5 IPAD’s in the Master Bedroom, Guest Bedroom, Son/Daughter’s Bedrooms and the Lounge were programmed to operate the individual areas. A wired Lutron Touch screen in the Living/ Dining Room and entrance area is used to operate all the area lights and curtains which would be operational even if the Wi-Fi network was not working. Other operations that were integrated with the automation and controls network were elements such as the favourite Tata Sky channel list to be operational from the IPAD, lighting and shades to be operated through a Lutron wired keypad as well as a wireless PICO keypad in each room/area, automated air-conditioning temperature controls and curtain controls through Crestron/Lutron timeclocks respectively. Be it  Music or Lighting, any  particular zone (s) can be programmed and activated through one button. Security Monitoring too is possible from outside the house.

The complete automation design for this project is unique in its approach; While many projects have lighting automation but no other features, there are others who have Audio Visual automation and Lighting, but no Air-Conditioning or no curtains or no security cameras on automation. This house has been designed with a comprehensive automation strategy where, every device has a remote, is connected to a system and is controllable from within or outside the house. With a simple touch from the iPad- lighting, shades, AC, Music, Tata Sky and TV, Video, cameras, the main door lock etc., everything is controllable. Further, the entire distribution of Audio and Video content is from a central location to achieve the design brief of nothing under the TV on the wall, in every room. The system is therefore designed so that everything is placed centrally (Amps for music, Tata Sky boxes for TV, Apple TV, camera DVR etc.) and content is distributed on a simple Cat 6 wire.

Lastly, the system is designed for simplicity, and allows for ease of Use as none of the Homeowners had any previous experience of Home Automation. While their biggest apprehension was that they were investing in a technology that that they may find hard to use, through Anusha Group’s expertise, a very simple user interface is designed that is easy to use and to understand.

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