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The New World and New Ways of Society Management Systems

‘If there’s something the coronavirus taught us, then it is to always have help available at fingertips. Society management systems are for the residents. They are designed to make a resident’s home life easier, simpler and safer. Emergency management on a society management app that a resident uses practically everyday empowers them to not feel helpless in any situation’, says San Banerjee, CEO and Co-Founder, ADDA

We have all grown up seeing apartment complexes, housing societies, gated communities, private layouts. This way of living is not new. We have also witnessed the enormous pressure management committees and resident welfare associations have to go through to ensure a harmonious living environment in these residential communities. MCs and RWAs by law are considered an official organisation. Yet, their effort and contribution to community management is still understated even today. A residential community has several responsibilities. In normal times – relaying important notices, collecting maintenance, community auditing are few of the high priority tasks they undertook. However, with COVID-19, things have changed. Now it is the onus of the MC/RWA to keep their residential communities safe of not just the virus but other diseases as well.

With the world following the norms of physical distancing and remote working, each and every residential community is functioning at 100% capacity at all times, every single day of the week. So, how do Society Management Systems feature here?

One Single Platform for all Official Communication

Communication is key – this cannot be stressed enough when it comes to community management. The COVID situation has been an eye opener for the need of an official communication platform to disperse correct, timely, authentic information.

Everyday rumours are flying around about the state of the virus and its consequences on our lives. They are capable of striking panic, anxiety among individuals that can and will snowball into a chaotic situation. MCs and RWAs can easily mitigate this by sending out regular verified updates to residents. But sending out daily updates to hundreds of families is no mean feat. That is where society management systems come into play. There is a readymade platform available to quickly shoot out communication to the entire neighbourhood with a single tap.

Now is the time MCs and RWAs want every resident to read every notice posted. We no longer have the luxury to just miss a notice and not be bothered about it. What if it’s a notice about garbage pick up timings? Or about grocery delivery timings? These things cannot be missed. Again, society management systems help here with digital notices. No resident can miss a notice, because once posted, it is there on their App to be seen whenever they get a chance.

A common argument against this is the existence of WhatsApp groups and email groups. What we forget is these groups are perfect to build friendship with your neighbours or discuss group activities. Important communication is often lost in the pile of messages never to be found. Also multiple WhatsApp groups often become confusing for residents to keep a tab on which group receives the official communique.

Availing Essential Services

Who would have ever thought that there will come a time when the MC/RWA has to take care of the residents’/neighbourhood’s essential needs? There is a novel change in the way essential businesses once targeted their customers. Today their targets in Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities are not individuals but associations – associations of apartments, gated communities, even private layouts.

With supply chains affected, local farmers who were once exporting their goods outside the state or the country have now resorted to sell directly to the nearby towns and cities. They are trying to get in touch with associations directly to sell their produce. Another sector of businesses looking to tie up with associations directly, are local vendors who have been struck hard by the chaos of the pandemic.

Society management systems are not new. They have been in the market for 10 years now. This has today placed them in a unique position where these systems can become the connecting platform between farmers, medicine suppliers and other local vendors and the association.

It’s not only about just food and medical requirements. Society management systems also bring services to the neighbourhood that may not be classified as essential but are very important nonetheless. With inter city movements starting, more communities must resort to regular community sanitisation or vehicle sanitisation services. Or they may require masks and hand sanitisers in bulk. With summer in, there will be a need for pest control. All these, very significant services are available through such systems. And the vendor partners are local, trusted and recommended by the very neighbours one shares their living space with.

Access to Emergency Help

If there’s something the Coronavirus taught us, then it is to always have help available at fingertips. Society management systems are for the residents. They are designed to make a resident’s home life easier, simpler and safer. Emergency management on a society management app that a resident uses practically everyday empowers them to not feel helpless in any situation.

A resident is entitled to have access to a system that instantly sends across help alerts to their choice of SOS contacts. It’s easy to use. Download the app, configure the emergency management module to include names and numbers of the ones you trust. A user is allowed to put in multiple SOS contacts to ensure help is guaranteed in an unpredictable situation. Besides configuration of SOS contacts, this module also gives access to numbers of local emergency services. This list is available to all users in a particular network. This list can have host of numbers – local police station, fire station, ambulance services; nearby hospitals, gas delivery vendors, forest department officials, local mechanics, neighbourhood doctors. It is the responsibility of the community management body to populate this list. It empowers residents to believe they are indeed living in a safe and connected neighbourhood.

Other Facilities

So the above features are usually available in the starter packs of society management systems. Beyond the three basic needs, such systems also meet other community needs. Maintenance collection and generating correct, timely invoices are always a challenge. These solutions take care of it with auto generated invoices and digital payments. Several communities have recorded as high as 60% reduction in defaulting on implementing a society management software. This helps Associations have more ready funds handy to face any untoward circumstances.

These systems also give a robust all rounded security solution. You are always aware about who is there within the boundary of your community. In case something happens, incident investigation becomes that much easier with a society management system.

Facility management, asset maintenance are other needs of residential communities that are taken care of by society management systems. Some surveys have shown communities who have invested in implementing a society management software have recorded a 2x ROI on their investment. This ROI continues to progress over the years as budgeting, income and expenses become more streamlined and the community generates more revenue.

Society management systems were created with the vision of making residential communities sustainable units of living. Funds to maintain the community is one of the biggest stresses of the management body. Once that is taken care of, communities can finally concentrate on other vital things of living like installation of solar plants or STP or state of the art rainwater harvesting systems to become sustainable with their basic requirements for daily survival.

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