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Balancing Nature to Built Environment

Tell us about the close relationship and integration with nature and the environment.

What is natural cannot be replicated. We can definitely try to create environments integrating with design but there are some shortcomings to it as well. Instead of recreating them if we can integrate the built form to integrate and amalgamate with nature will be a better way to go.

Tell me on systematic presence of plants in the urban environment. 

We live in an ecology of natural and artificial habitats. With the impact of this urbanisation hitting us harder than ever now, it is important to balance the equilibrium and regulate nature to built environment. We have seen the trend of sustainable development becoming more of a norm now; not just building on them; but we have been intentionally integrating with nature.

Tell us on landscapes and artificial environments?

Landscaping and / or creating artificial environments need proper selection of the plant species taking into consideration easy maintenance, fast growth, pollution resistance, adaptability or suitability to the designated area. Also, to balance the outcome so that it feels natural and not orchestrated. As green areas integrated in a metropolitan context mean a strong social relevance. these green spaces create calming and relaxing environments and give a positive impact on us humans.

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