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Contemporary and minimalist designs, David Overi

‘Our goal is to create objects capable of giving an identity to the home and a style to those who live it. Create an involvement of forms and feelings.’, says David Overi, President of Formitalia Luxury Group, with his brother Gianni Overi

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Tell us about what you unveiled at Milan this year.

In Milan, this year, we presented the brand new collections Formitalia Glamor and Tonino Lamborghini Casa directly at the fair and the new Aston Martin home collection at fuorisalone. Collections completely new, luxurious and strictly made in Italy.

How would you define your creative philosophy and approach to design? What subjects and themes feed your inspiration.

Clear lines and harmonious shapes, beauty and usability, excellent materials, refined details and impeccable manufacture. These are the essential prerequisites at the base of all our creative process.

Do you think design is a rigorous beautification of our built environments?

Design must certainly beautify an environment but not stop at that. It must enter the soul, it must excite. Our goal is to create objects capable of giving an identity to the home and a style to those who live it. Create an involvement of forms and feelings.

Simplicity appears to be at the core of your design aesthetics – is it intentional?

Every object of our collections starts from a simple base from which a study starts, an evolution to reach the finished product where the details, the materials and the finishes make the difference.

Are your designs influenced by the past?

Each new project is also created on the basis of experience and therefore of the past, but leading to choices that look to the future, to new trends and new styles. We are born with a classic soul that has evolved over time and has now reached an absolutely contemporary and minimalist design.

Can you explain the thinking behind the Minimalist design? How do you see its influence on today‘s society and its role in the future.

Eliminate all that is superfluous while maintaining character and identity. Minimalist design teaches how to get the best from simplicity. This is the trend in the near future. In the long run it is not said that it will always be this way. History teaches us that values sometimes change and fashions return.

As your work shapes the feeling of home for many other people: What is home to you yourself?

Home is the place that reflects our personality, where every object or furniture has been chosen for our own well-being, physical, mental and aesthetic.

India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world today which makes it a fascinating destination for leading brands of the world. Also, the present government at New Delhi is promoting a policy of ‘Make in India’. On the other hand, Formitalia has been assiduously following principle of ‘Make in Italy’. Is there any possibility of Formitalia revisiting its ‘Make in Italy’ policy to take advantage of the changing global economic scenario? Even otherwise, don’t you think that it is always better to be near the market as it makes more commercial sense?

FORMITALIA Luxury Group is well known for its collections made in italia, as well the international brands we manufacture are delighted that our lines are entirely made in Italy.

There is also an opportunity, to make a JV to manufacture and advertise a special collection, especially and newly designed to be “MADE IN INDIA”, that can be distributed not only in this country but also exported world-wide.

Since year 2000, Formitalia has made number of acquisitions and mergers to expand its business interests. How have you achieved convergence of minds without sacrificing your core principle?

All our brands have a different style, very different designer collection, there is no doubt that you can recognize the brand even idd you do not see the logo on the models…

How many projects do you tend to work on simultaneously?

We are a large and close-knit team, there is no standard number and there is no limit of projects.

What are three essential tools you need in order to design?

Insight, research and creativity

Animal lovers are complaining about the unethical and inhuman ways adopted to extract skins. What steps do you take to ensure that Formitalia always remains on the right side of the law and ethics? 

The leather we use is certified, we use only European skins, with a certificate of origin. Our company is also certified SA 8000 “ethic certification” that state our respect on workers, supply chain and so on.

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