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‘Environment is a precious commodity’, Sachin Goregaoker

‘Architecture is not just design; it is a passion that is related to art and the people that are associated with it’, says Ar, Sachin Goregaoker, Partner, GA design

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Tell us about a project that represents your practice best – your most important work(s) of the last 2 years

KALPATARU SPARKLE at Bandra, Mumbai. In this redevelopment project we have achieved a harmonious amalgamation of different spatial configurations for sale wing as well as rehab wing, making the complex look coherent and unified.

Located in Bandra (E), an upmarket area of suburban Mumbai, the three towers standing adjacent to each other with its elaborately designed façade provide an instant connect with the energy of the city. Apart from offering a unique location advantage, Kalpataru Towers features luxury residences of 3, 4 and 5.5 bedroom apartments. At 18 storeys, the towers offer an uninterrupted view of the Bandra highway and it offers the residents many lifestyle amenities, green spaces and parking. The fully equipped club house with its wrap around form compliments the dynamics of the building design. A cantilevered gymnasium overlooking the pool forms the highlight of the health club.

The landscape with surrounding planters and water features provide an interesting focal point whilst the soft sound of flowing water relaxes you upon entering the building complex. The recreation area is set on a landscape deck overlooking BKC. A seamlessly integrated palette of architectural elements and materials finish the modern luxury development perfectly.

What are the fundamental ideas that outline your practice? How do you approach your work?

I believe that architecture is not just design; it is a passion that is related to art and the people that are associated with it. Architecture is a wonderful tool for understanding lifestyles and their various perspectives.

At GA design, we strive hard to achieve the most appropriate, efficient and cost-effective yet aesthetic solution for each scale. Applying no pre-conceived or stylistic notions, our approach attempts to enliven and enhance the built environment by means of our architectural and interior design services. We have established a reputation for excellence in this field, which is augmented by our ability to conceive and achieve complex spatial configurations.

International architecture schools vs. local architecture schools – what do you have to say on this? Tell us about your experiences where you studied.

As a passionate third generation architect and at the risk of sounding clichéd, where you study is not as relevant as how you study. To study any creative subject, you must enrol into a place that offers a conducive environment which is full of inspiring ideas and a thirst for being the best.

The knowledge of using the latest techniques and application of these techniques into design is always an added advantage.

I studied at the Sir J J College of Architecture in Mumbai. I was privileged to be tutored by some of the most experienced and dedicated professors who stimulated our creativity. The campus of the college is huge and inspiring as it also has commercial art and fine art faculties.

How do you incorporate sustainable practices into your projects?

At GA design, we strive to accomplish sustainable architecture by adhering to certain norms.

  • We ensure a large green cover around the building wherever the space permits.
  • Provision is made for STP and rainwater harvesting tanks.
  • LED lighting is used extensively and ramps are constructed for the differently abled.

Bringing newness/uniqueness in every project is a difficult proposition. How do you tackle this?

I believe that at GA design, our aim is not merely to fulfil our clients’ expectations but also to exceed them. Our design team is always striving for perfection by considering the smallest detail as well as the overall visual aesthetic appeal. As a result, GA design is known among builders, developers and private clients – not only for the quality of our work but also for our intelligent manipulation of space, light and flow.

If you have to list three best projects executed by you, which ones will come to your mind first and why?

  • KALPATARU SPARKLE in Bandra Mumbai, for its striking design and unique blend of different spatial configurations.
  • INFINITY HOUSE – a villa in Khandala where natural site contours have been used effectively to provide breath-taking views of the mountain by creating an infinity pool and for its international visual appeal.
  • REGENCY WILLOWS an exclusive enclave of 23 villas in Lonavala – which offers luxurious residences in three design variations with high-end facilities and a stylish club house.

Do you think foreign architecture firms entering India pose any threats to local architecture firms?

I do believe that the increasing demand for international architects in India has impeded the growth of local architecture firms. However, if a local architect gets an opportunity to work in collaboration with a foreign firm, he stands to benefit from the exchange of ideas and the system of working. Valuable fraternal advice can be exchanged using this common ground and it would prove advantageous for both parties.

Getting quality manpower is a problem?

Getting quality manpower is quite an onerous process but an insightful one. Additionally, the task of training and preparing personnel to suit your working style is entirely the responsibility of the employer.

How do you define your convictions as an architect?

Working under the maxim ‘Live, Work & Play’ our research and design services are tailored to the needs of all our clients. In order to provide the highest level of architecture and interior design, we start each project afresh and by working to this principle, our team at GA design ensures that each project will have its own unique identity and will create a mark of its own.

How important is client briefing?

Client briefing is the first step to commence a project as it allows him and the designer to understand the expectations from the project. It provides a platform to get acquainted with each other’s requirements and vision. To know a client’s mind you need to familiarise yourself with his lifestyle and be slightly intuitive about his preferences.

Comfort, cost and environment friendliness – which aspect is the most important for you?

All three are important in any order that you choose to list them.

Comfort is the basic need of mankind, cost is of utmost importance and environment is a precious commodity and we all have the responsibility to preserve and protect it.

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