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Gestural Interactions, our new Work Environment; Vishal Wadhwa, Magari

‘I hope it’s evolutionary rather than revolutionary… we learn to flow with the tide with more understanding rather than fight against it’, Vishal Wadhwa, Partner Production, Magari

Today, we celebrate World Day for Safety and Health at Work. what new do you foresee post the crisis situation and what are you going to be implementing at your workplace.

With social distancing becoming part of our vocabulary now, we will need to bring in designs that rebuild our faith in the sense of TOUCH and GESTURAL INTERACTION and its importance; not just with fellow humans but with objects around us. This will be challenging as I see one time use products coming back in a big way to control transfer of infection. Designers have to ensure that those one time use products are eco-friendly and sustainable.

Brightly lit spaces give one a sense of freshness and force one to keep one’s surroundings clean. This could bring back the emphasis on the benefit of naturally lit spaces.

Greater demand for dust resistance materials will grow. Personal health products will take precedence over unnecessary excesses. 3D printed equipment may soon become the norm due its efficient production properties and flexibility. Many eco-friendly raw materials are produced to see this industry grow in a sustainable way post COVID-19 .

I hope it’s evolutionary rather than revolutionary… we learn to flow with the tide; with more understanding rather than fight against it.

Tell us on Enterprise safety and worker/employer collaborative mechanism, and more.

Enterprise Safety

The Safety and Health of our team is our utmost concern. We are trying to improvise and find newer ways for the safer experience. To start with, we will come up with strict guidelines to be followed as far as health of the staff is concerned. We are inviting health department officials to communicate to the entire team about hygiene and other directives to be followed for their safety. We are providing the staff with necessary safety gear such as masks, gloves and sanitizers. There will be a weekly schedule to sanitize the entire workplace. Daily temperature checks at the time of reporting and proper sanitation before entering the work premises will be adapted in the near future, post COVID-19 too. We will try to ensure that the same is being followed offsite as well.

Coming to all the employees we are conducting all the important meeting through Video calls .

Stress – a major factor

Every one goes through different levels of stress for various reasons which might not always be work related, which nevertheless could affect their performance and safety while working. We continue to do a lot of team building activities that keep spirits high at work. A lot of personal interaction with the team on the work floor gives them a sense of belonging and comfort. Constant upgradation of machinery with safety mechanisms would prevent accidents in case of human error. We also see a lot lesser physical interaction between teams and a lot more work being carried out effectively through online communication.

Spatial organisation-What are the changes you are anticipating?

This situation has forced people to work from home and brought a realisation that it is workable, which many companies earlier thought was not possible. One trend I think will or rather should change is the open office culture, which anyways I think lowers efficiency. I see a great improvement within our organisation where individual efficiency has improved as there are no distractions. We will also learn to trust each other removing this constant monitoring. Thus, we can control the number of people gathering at the office without compromising on the deliverables. Create a roster allowing small groups to gather and use technology to bring in the rest.

Individuals are going to shift focus on personal growth; hence a requirement for personal space and time. We cannot make more space; but we can surely design to cater for individual and group activities in the same area, leading to spaces, which allow for flexibility and modularity.

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