‘We admire the flowing forms of Iconic Zaha Hadid’s designs’, Milind Pai Architects & Interior Designers

‘We admire the flowing forms of Iconic Zaha Hadid’s designs’, Milind Pai Architects & Interior Designers

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For Ar. Milind Pai, Milind Pai, Architects & Interior Designers,  major source of inspiration is none other than Mother Nature where he sees a flawless balance of design, eco system and the aesthetical beauty in its purest form. In an exclusive interview with Sawdust, the architect shares about people and things that inspire his work.

Ar. Milind Pai, Milind Pai, Architects & Interior Designers

Ar. Milind Pai, Milind Pai, Architects & Interior Designers
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Ar. Milind Pai, Milind Pai, Architects & Interior Designers
photographs: Milind Pai, Architects & Interior Designers

Can you tell us about the beginnings of your practice?  What were the formation years like and how did your work evolve?

I graduated with a 1st class degree from Sir J.J. College of architecture in 1987. The firm was established in the very 1st year after completing my graduation. The core purpose since the inception of this firm has been to ‘Inspire creativity’. Since then, Milind Pai – Architects & Interior Designers has evolved into a dedicated team of professionals committed to design excellence and offering comprehensive service in the field of Architecture, Interior Designing and Project Consultation.

In this firm, the Architects & the Interior Designers work in close collaboration with other experts including Engineers, Graphic Designers, Artists, Sculptures, Landscape Designers, Lighting and Acoustic Specialists. We have been constantly adding new milestones by propagating values, team work and expertise to every project.

Committed to feed the growing appetite for design, I have never hesitated in accepting projects in various verticals, as long as there is a design expertise involved at the core. MPA is today a multi-specialty firm undertaking projects in Commercial, Residential, Institutional, Health and Hospitality Interiors and presently operate from a well-equipped office at Mumbai’s suburb of Andheri-W.

Our well-trained design team undertakes professional designing job & execute them in close co-ordination with various agencies engaged for the job. We have a well-equipped studio with complete facilities for end-to-end design solutions. We are driven by a passion for excellence driving them to improve and innovate in all areas and every stage of design development while staying abreast with the latest in technology to ensure consistent high quality work. The site work is closely monitored by the site coordinators & their teams designated for the particular site & the total co-ordination job between the client & the agencies which is taken well care of.

Besides Mumbai we have executed projects in almost 30 Indian cities and 3 International Cities of Dubai, Muscat and Singapore.

The ‘Core Purpose of the Organization is to “Inspire Creativity that turns Dreams to Reality”.

Your studio works on a diverse set of projects – public and private. Is there a ‘process’ or’ method’ that is central to your work? How do you approach your work?

I would say that our zest to study the client’s need and develop the designs more from their perspective, is one single philosophy we have adhered to right from our initial struggling days till date.

In our firm, we analyze various aspects of the client, like his family and professional background, physical and emotional needs, temperament, budgets, aesthetical expectations, design style & exposure and their exposure, his peers and competitors and even his energy levels and work-life discipline. These methods are applied across various verticals that we work on with equally encouraging results.

There are always complex communication and documentation formats in place to maintain a robust process to handle the project commitments and effective delivery in Time and Budgets. User friendly methods are also used like smartphones and apps to make the working methods more adaptive.

Tell us about people and things that inspire your work.

Our major source of inspiration is none other than Mother Nature where we see a flawless balance of design, eco system and the aesthetical beauty in its purest form.

Like many architects of our era we admire the flowing forms of Iconic Zaha Hadid’s designs but more than that we admire her creative Guts to innovate the flow of forms into practically workable and admirable spaces solutions and architecture.

The work on Antonio Gaudi in his unfinished church architecture, La Sacrada Familia in Barcelona has had a huge inspirational impact on me for the sheer originality of the design and the audacity to use revolutionary motifs and features and more. Also, the capability of this great designer to translate his rebellious ideas into a real-time acceptability and revered architecture.

Tell us in detail about a project that represents your practice – your most important work.


This is the office for an international Media company and is located in the new Business District, Parel in the heart of Mumbai. The ‘Media background’ of the client company and the tight budgets have been the principle factors for the Design evolution. Our design team overcame the challenges of the budget restrictions and sketched out a streamline design with a corporate feel and a sophisticated ambience with a perfect blend of usability, style and substance to deliver a knockout performance. The overall interiors of this Media office is aesthetically appealing and alluring to enhance the working environment.


It is greatly said, “Design is thinking made visual”. 

This project is a great example to demonstrate the same and designed with a blend of modernity and elegance.

In this high end project for a client located in Hiranandani Complex-Mumbai, the design incorporates a unique balance of aesthetics and refined luxury that reflects the client’s lifestyle added with sophisticated richness in furniture and innovative design which gives this project, the status that is way beyond aesthetic. We specifically crafted this project as per the brief given by the client to create a modern and luxuries look. Milind Pai Architect & Interior Designer have redefined the genre of Interior Design and has facilitated this dream of the client in to reality with their creative, modern and luxurious designs.

How do you see your practice a decade from now? What are the objectives you wish your studio to achieve?

Multispecialty in design, has always been the main USP of our firm. In the next decade, we strive to be the most versatile multispecialty firm in the Indian Design Scenario. Our studio needs to get into the profession with a lot more passion and a craving for continuous research. The need of the hour is sound technical knowledge coupled with hands on experience on high technology projects as the next generation designs will not complete without integration of technology with design. Also, the Gen Next is all about competition and only the best will have the edge. There is no scope for complacency as we are now competing with the best, not only in India but on the International platform. Indian designers no longer can afford to sit back and allow the foreign firms to come here and take the piece of their pie. We need to take the competition back into their turf by producing top class international design on competitive terms.