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12th Century Idol of Vishnumurthy unearthed near Udupi

The Vishnumurthy sculpture of 12th century AD was found in an abandoned well near a ruined temple near Udupi in India’s Karnataka state.

The temple is filled with architectural remains and laterite bricks, and the figurine dates back to the 12th century AD. The idol was found at about a 20-ft depth in the well which was filled with laterite bricks and architectural remains during an archaeological exploration in the area. The team of archaeologists came across the sculpture after removing about 18-ft of debris, and “the beautiful sculpture has a Karanda Mukuta (headdress), Makara Kundala (ear rings), armlets, anklets, Kaustubhahara and very nice eyebrows, nose and lips which make it a masterpiece of Coastal Karnataka. It holds a pinda in the front right hand. In the back left hand, it holds a conch and its right hand is missing but, exploration is still being continued to discover the idol’s right hand.

The release said that it was a pre-Madhwa sculpture and the best specimen of the Bhagavatha cult of Coastal Karnataka. However, for now, researchers do not know the reasons why the temple was ruined. They also believe that the work of restoration of this sculpture (a fragment is missing) is a delicate process, and no doubt, it will take time.

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