20% greenery mandatory in Hyderabad

20% greenery mandatory in Hyderabad

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Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) has made 20 per cent greenery mandatory in the plot area for those applying for permission to build apartments and multi-storey buildings. Currently, greenery is required on 10% of the plot and GHMC has added a requirement of a green strip measuring one or 1.5 metres based on the height of the building. Apart from 20% greenery norm, 30% need to be earmarked for roads and setbacks.

The Corporation has also warned those who are encroaching the footpath to ‘address their green concerns’. The Corporation is expected to announce the new norms in the near future.

Before issuing the Occupancy Certificate, Corporation officials will inspect the building to verify whether the builders had left space for gardening or not.

GHMC will also implement green building norms in its offices. It is believed that adoption of the norms of Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) would lead to up to 20 per cent saving in power consumption, about 20 per cent reduction in water consumption.

GHMC will also encourage recycling of used water for gardening. IGBC norms will encourage usage of natural light, that is sun light, for which suitable changes in building layout have to be made. Using LED bulbs and installing water percolation pits are some of the other measures to be adopted to save energy and conserve water.

However, some people have raised objections to these norms saying that it will go against the ‘ease of doing business’ principle. “On the one hand, you are introducing online building plan approval system, self-certification, etc. And on the other, you are saying that the occupancy certificate will be issued only after inspection,” said a city based architect.