2018 FIFA has more green than meets the eye

2018 FIFA has more green than meets the eye

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The FIFA World Cup, 2018 in Russia will be held in Green stadiums. Luzhniki Stadium, the main stadium for Russia 2018 was originally built to host the first nationwide summer Spartakiad in 1956. The Luzhniki stadium in Moscow, which hosted the 1980 Olympic Games, will also host FIFA World Cup Final.

Work to rebuild Luzhniki Stadium for Russia 2018 began in 2013. One of the crucial aspects of the project was preserving the historical faτade of the stadium, which has become one of Moscow’s true landmarks. Inside, the stadium was totally refurbished: the athletics track was removed, the stands moved closer to the pitch and made rectangular, the gradient adjusted and two extra tiers added. Luzhniki Stadium’s capacity was increased from 78,000 to 80,000.

An important aspect of this stadium’s design is the new national green standard specially adapted for the certification of football stadiums in Russia, which is the first of its kind in the country. The standard takes into account FIFA’s requirements as well as international standards, Russian legislation and construction regulations, and includes requirements for architecture, construction, engineering and site plans as well as specifications for Russian environmental norms, energy efficiency and the environmental compatibility of the venues.

For example, energy conservation at the Luzhniki Stadium is achieved through modern heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems, as well as bringing together all essential utilities into one automated central system. This will allow complete monitoring and control of how much energy the building is consuming. Use of LED lamps will ensure considerable saving energy consumption. Also, efforts have been made to conserve water at the stadium by employing modern water saving technology.