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24 Indian cities figure in ‘2021 Global Top 500 Cities’

24 of Indian cities figure in the list of ‘2021 Global Top 500 Cities’ released by Global City Lab. New Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore are some of the Indian cities that have figured in the list. New York, London, and Tokyo claim top three. The United States and China lead with 63 and 40 cities, respectively. India ranks 5th with 24 cities.

Top 10 countries with most cities selected (billion USD)

RankingCountryNo of citiesAverage brand valueRepresentative cities
1US63208.45New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco
2China40161.58Shanghai, Honk Kong, Beijing
3Japan26179.20Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya
4UK25148.63London, Edinburgh, Nottingham
5India2493.56New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore
5Germany24140.17Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich
7France20123.12Paris, Lyon
8Spain1882.29Barcelona, Madrid, Santander
9Italy14116.87Milan, Rome, Venice
10Australia13207.73Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane

Source; GlobalCityLab.com

Five of the Top 10 countries are in Europe, thanks to its well-preserved cultural architecture, distinctive landscapes, and solid economic foundations. As the global COVID-19 situation eases, many countries which had closed their borders are reopening to tourists. Trade and cultural exchange between countries are returning to normal. Europe has always enjoyed the benefits of globalization due to open communication between countries, but it has also been under greater pressure to control the pandemic. For city policymakers, managing relationships between cities, surrounding metropolitan areas and neighboring countries is key. They must also balance convenience and risk in the era of globalization and post-pandemic.

The report reveals that New York is the world’s most valuable city, with a brand value of $2.04 trillion. London passed Tokyo to claim second place with a brand value of $1.90 trillion. Tokyo’s value dropped 5.37%, putting it third with a value of $1.78 trillion. Paris, Singapore, and Sydney also have brand values surpassing $1 trillion. Los Angeles, Toronto, Shanghai and Hong Kong complete the Top 10, the latter ranking 9th and 10th, respectively. The report found that blockchain and crypto are influencing the future of the city.

A city’s brand represents its comprehensive strength. It affects a city’s development potential because it influences the flow of capital, information, goods, and talent. Therefore, evaluating a city’s brand value will provide a clearer understanding of a city. Global City Lab is the world’s first professional organization dedicated to evaluating city brand values. It calculates brand values using six metrics: economic growth, culture, governance, environment, talent, and reputation. Global City Lab publishes its “Global Top 500 Cities” report annually.

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