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2nd leg of Central Vista redevelopment started

With Central Public Works Department (CPWD) issuing NIT, the government has kicked off the second portion of its Central Vista redevelopment project involving an estimated cost Rs 463 crore. The project involves civil and horticulture component of Rs 333 crore, electrical and mechanical component of Rs 114 crore and operation and maintenance charges for five years will be Rs 16 crore.  December 1st the last date for submission of bids. Earnest money to be deposited by bidders is Rs 4.73 crore.

Time allowed for completion of work is 300 days from the date of start or from the first date of handing over of the site, whichever is later. “Site of work shall be handed over to the contractor within 15 days of award of work. During these 15 days, Contractor shall take up mobilization activities.”

“The site of work is very sensitive from security point of view. In view of high degree of security concerns at site and the work itself, stringent access control measures shall be exercised for entry and exit of manpower, material and construction equipment in the area.,” says the NIT.

The work includes large scale stone work, construction of Underpasses, Underground Amenities Blocks, Stone furniture, Horticulture work, Electric Substations, Pumping rooms etc.

Since the Central Vista Avenue is visited by thousands of visitors daily, site for the work shall be made available in phased manner (as per agreed schedule) so that some part either in pre development stage or post development stage remains available to the visitors.

HCP Design, Planning and Management Pvt Ltd. (HCP) is designing the revamp of the Parliament and surrounding areas in Luyten’s Delhi in the vicinity of Rajpath in central Delhi. Cengrs Geotechnica Pvt Ltd. (CENGRS) has been appointed by HCP for carrying out geotechnical investigation at the proposed buildings.

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