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A five-star hotel on railway tracks!

Soon, India will see a five-star hotel on railway tracks as the Indian Railways is all set to redevelop the Gandhinagar Railway Station in Gujarat with an exclusive five-star hotel building over live railway tracks. Gandhinagar will be the first railway station in India to have a 5-star facility above the tracks.

Indian Railways Station Development Corporation (IRSDC) which is implementing Indian Railway’s mission of transforming the country’s railway stations into world-class 24 hour travel hubs, will also undertake this hotel project at Gandhinagar.

Meanwhile, the Gandhinagar railway station is being redeveloped by a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) – Gandhinagar Railway & Urban Development Corporation Ltd (GARUD) – between IRSDC and the Gujarat state government.

According to railway officials, the hotel will be designed in such a way that no vibrations or noise from the trains on the tracks below will be felt by the occupants of the hotel.

The 5-star hotel will be run by the Leela Group. It will have over 300 rooms with the ground floor 22 metres above the ground. The entire Gandhinagar station will have 3 towers that will give the impression of petals from an aerial view. The three towers will have 6, 8 and 10 levels with the hotel making the station one of the tallest buildings in the city. There will also be a transit hall with a seating arrangement for a total of 600 passengers or railway users.

The outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic has affected the station redevelopment work at Gandhinagar. The redevelopment of the Gandhinagar railway station was set to be completed in December 2020, but due pandemic, the renovation work got delayed. The new date of completion is yet to be announced.

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