A garden in the sky is coming

A garden in the sky is coming

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When you live in a skyscraper the only colour you can see is blue colour of the sky. But the architects now have found way out to turn it to green – by growing a garden in the sky! The 280-meter-tall skyscraper planned in Singapore may become a trend-setter not only in the city state but all around the world because of its unique feature of blending urban life with tropical nature.

The yet-to-be-named skyscraper in the center of Singapore designed in a collaboration between the Italian architect group Carlo Ratti Associati and the Danish Bjarke Ingels Group, commonly known as B.I.G., provides grey metal bending to make room for trees growing out of the building. So, it will give you feeling of being in nature even when you stay 200 meters up in sky! Green vegetation which will seemingly sprout from the exterior of the building thus, will give a soothing view to calm down from your stressful busy schedule.

From the ninth floor, there will be a provision for 30-meter-high space for the vegetation, Green Oasis, which will feature a botanical promenade with views of the interior as well as of the city itself. The design can reduce pollution levels and heat build-up, while also helping to dampen noise, and, with some designs, even enable food production. It’s not just the exterior but interior too will be lush with a rainforest plaza and small park greeting visitors as they enter the building.

The 280-metre-tall skyscraper will be among the tallest buildings in Singapore with 52 storeys. The building, expected to open in 2021, will be mixed-use structure featuring office space, residences and retail sites.

The skyscraper will have ‘tomorrow’s offices’ with all advanced digital technologies like sensors for automatic control of the environment, as well as Internet of Things and artificial intelligence capabilities so tenants can customize their experience of the building.