A unique environment friendly micro house planned

A unique environment friendly micro house planned

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ClearVue Technologies which has developed a solar PV integrated window technology, has entered into a deal to provide its solar window technology to Mirreco Holdings. Under the memorandum of understanding, ClearVue will become the exclusive supplier of solar window products, initially for small-scale housing units, or micro homes, created by Mirreco.

Mirreco has developed an environmentally-friendly, carbon-negative industrial hemp product which is used as panelling material to create eco-friendly homes and other structures. Mirreco’s unique processing system captures and stores carbon dioxide indefinitely, potentially revolutionising current practices within the building industry. The prototype is expected to reach completion in Q4 2018.

ClearVues solar PV window technology uses micro and nano particles incorporated into the lamination layer of glass to redirect UV and IR rays from the sun to solar cells embedded around the edge of the glass panels.

The industrial hemp market continues to grow, with a number of countries either investigating or in the process of establishing hemp crops on an industrial scale in order to take advantage of the economic, environmental and social opportunities that the plant presents.

Hemp has the ability to sequester and store carbon dioxide not only during its short growth cycle, but during the manufacturing stage when it can be processed into bio-composite materials and countless other products.