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Admissions to undergraduate programs now open at CEPT

Admissions are now open at CEPT for five-year long program that leads up to the award of the B. Arch. degree. It equips students with the competencies necessary for being effective professional architects and exposes them to the aesthetic, technical, social, political and ethical dimensions of the built environment.  Though the B. Arch degree is sufficient for professional registration with the CoA, many architects pursue postgraduate and doctoral studies.  When doing this, one can continue focusing on architecture, concentrate on fields such as architectural conservation or urban design or shift to allied professions such as urban planning or construction management.

The first year is called the CEPT Foundation Program. Here the focus is on developing basic architectural design skills.  The following two years focus on advanced skill development.  It is possible to exit the program at this stage with a B.Sc. in Building Design. The fourth and fifth years allow students to focus on areas and practice domains of their choice.  During this period, students can choose to intern for any one of the four semesters with approved architectural offices anywhere in the world and also undertake research projects or design studios.

The program is centered on ‘studios’ where students are expected to resolve life-like design problems on their own.  Studios operate as learning communities where teachers take on the role of coaches supporting students in their learning quests.  In studios students develop capacities and come up with technically and architecturally meaningful designs to communicate their ideas. Many group exercises are structured to develop leadership capacities.

Courses, seminars, and workshops, which run parallel to studios, expose students to technology, history, architectural theory and various other dimensions of architecture.  Four times, during breaks between semesters, students are required to sign up for study tours or courses organized as part of the Summer and Winter School programs.

To enable students to pursue individual interests only three quarters of the total academic workload is mandated.  Students choose courses from the many available electives to complete the rest.  Teachers are drawn from practicing professionals who bring practical experience to the classroom and academics who complement teaching with more theoretical and critical approaches.

“This almost sixty year old program is internationally recognized. Many long lasting exchange programs link this program to other architectural programs in Europe, USA and Australia providing unparalleled opportunities to enrolled students,” says CEPT.

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